Friday, 16 September 2016

SSP-040: "Lagenlook" Evangeline sewing pattern.

I've had a lovely inspiration picture on my hard drive for a while now, and finally I managed to get around to making somehting similar for Evangeline.

I love layers.  A lot.  And I love all the lagenlook or Mori girl fashions I see on t'internet.  I was wondering if Evangeline is the kind of girl to wear such an outfit - but just look at the girl! She's tall, willowy, she can wear a binliner and look good.  So I've made this romantic and somewhat shabbily elegant ensemble for her.

The pattern is now available:

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And right here on the blog: (Via Sellfy)

Etsy will charge EU customers VAT (This does not affect America or other non-EU countries).  I always recommend people to look in my Craftsy store anyway, as the prices fluctuate, due to the international exchange rates.  I always suggest comparing prices.

If you wish to buy directly from me, I can supply a PayPal invoice and email the pattern to you within 24 hours.  Usually it will be faster than that, I'm just allowing for the potential differences in time zones.

Evangeline Ghastly sewing pattern

 Harem pants look great, and I've long wanted to make some.  I can see Ellowyne getting a pair of these sometime too.   they're really quite easy to make.

I've added a leotard - which is optional.  If you're using brightly dyed or dark fabrics on your doll, I really do advise some protection for staining.   The leotard serves that purpose, and I recomment tights too, if your harem pants are dark or bright.  SSP-031, also available in my various outlets, will fit this Evangeline body.

Evangeline sewing pattern

Next, a skirt to layer over the pants.  I've use all viscose fabrics for this ensemble.  It's heavy, slinky and drapes well.   It can be a bit slinky to sew, but I find pinning and basting all those awkward bits makes it a doddle.

Evangeline sewing pattern

And finally the long swing tunic.   I've added these cute gathered pockets to mine, but the tunic will look lovely without them - if you don't fancy tackling them on your first try.

I love 'Dreamstate' Evie.  She's so pretty.

Evangeline sewing pattern

Besides all the dolly things I have in my head, I've also been beavering away at art and some more of those pretty accessories for peoples.  It's always nice to have lots of ideas - much better than going through artists block, or a dry spell, but I swear my head is fit to burst. And I wish there were more hours in the day!

So much to make, so little time.

...And half of me wants to make Evie a binliner dress just to prove a point.


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