Thursday, 22 September 2016

"White Wytch" Outfit for Ellowyne Wilde.

I've made a little broom and a necklace to add to the White Wytch outfit that I made for the sewing pattern SSP-036.   It looks fab now, and is up for grabs as I type.

Here in my Etsy shop:

I love the dress and corseted overskirt.  Both are fully lined.

The original Ellowyne sculpt is so pretty.   She makes a lovely good witch.

You can click on the images (I think) to see a larger size.

Even the gloves are lined.  I tea-dyed them,  gotta love tea-dye.  The colour is fast, but I always line dyed items just to keep dolly safe from staining.

I'll throw in a skein of the yarn/cord I used to tie up the gloves and as a lace for the corseted skirt.  And that little choker is so cute.

For the broom, I've used hardwood dowel, hand trimmed and sanded.  The bristles are real. I bought a brand new hand-brush and chopped off some of it's bristles.  It will come in handy for witches brooms in the future.

In other news, I've been faffing around with some of my other crafts. I'm so close to getting the last batch finished and some of my art photographed.  The new Etsy shop is ready, but I have it on vacation setting for a bit until I'm ready to open.

It shall be open soon!  


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