Saturday, 29 October 2016

Kaye Wiggs - Gracie

I never thought I'd own one of these girls, but I'm now the very happy owner of little Gracie.   She's on the Mei Mei body, and the skintone is fair, not soft pink as I'd thought, but that's okay.  I like a lot of the KW sculpts, and any one of them would be a grail doll for me, so I'm ecstatic now she's here... and not one teeny tiny disappointment do I have to report.

The resin is amazing.  It's satiny smooth and nothing short of exquisite.  None of my other BJDs are this smooth, not even the Iplehouse JIDs.    It's also beautifully translucent, which the Iplehouse dolls are too, but there's not a seam line to be found on this doll.

She's strung properly too, not too loose or tight, and I love the joints. They stay posed at hip, knee and elbow.  The wrists are great, as are the ankles.   There is a little bit of kick in the shoulder joints, and some in the head - but I wonder if I might suede those joints, just to firm them up a bit.

I also love the face-up.  It's so delicate and pretty, and alas, my photographs really don't do it justice.

First off, I had some beautiful grey and pink eyes, that I put in, and had to wrap her in her packaging 'bandage' as she has no clothes yet, and I don't think I have anything to fit her.

Then I had to make a wig.  She's too special to be shown off without lovely locks, so I dug out those Tibetan lambskins I've been hoarding,  then I made a skull cap out of felt, to make a pattern for the more expensive lambskin. That took me five attempts, but I persevered and now I have a well fitting pattern.

(Tibetan mohair wigs are so hard to control!  But I love the look of them and I did my best.)

Those eyes are not quite lined up, methinks. I'll need to adjust them a bit, but it took me so long to get the wig into some semblance of order, I didn't want to have to do it all over again.

Gracie was bigger than I expected!  Compared to my sylphlike Soom Rosette and even the more stocky Iplehoue JIDs, she's wide around the torso and thights, but it's all in proportion for the age she's meant to portray.

And her head is like ... massive. I go on about Prudence Moody's massive bonce, but even the only two wigs that fit my Pru are too small for Gracie.  She's a size 8-9. That's okay. I love buying wigs anyway, and the one I made today is peachy.

She's such a demure little thing.  I adore her.

I'll have to get sewing for her very soon.   I need to make sure I finish the Ellowyne coat project first. If I put a project aside because of something new and shiny, I'm doomed.  So I have to be strict with myself and delay gratification.

I'm bowled over by the quality of this little lady.  I get it now, the whole thing about Kaye Wiggs dolls. They're divine, and already I want to save up for another one.  Maybe in two years time.  Heh.

(ETA: She can share wigs with Patience.  My life is complete)


Friday, 28 October 2016

Second draft of the Ellowyne coat

I was hoping the second time would be the charm - and it very nearly is.  Again, the pics aren't my best work, but I'm too tired to drag out the tripod, so wibbly hands it is.

This one is in denim, which is a bit easier to sew than the cheap black flannelette.

The collar is still too big, which made me snarl and cuss quite a bit, because it's considerably smaller than the first draft.  But I think I know where I went wrong.

But the sleeve head seams are sitting square on the shoulders now. W00t.

Not sure if the sleeves are a smidge too long and would welcome opinions on that.  They seem sort of okay, but maybe I could take them up just 1/8" (3mm) ?

And from the back, I've got it right.  It's as perfect a fit as one can get without those princess seams shaping it to the body.

You can see the sleeve head seams better from here too, as the collar isn't in the way.

I'm happy with this fit on the back.  The shaping below the waist is good too. It will look just right over a long skirt or dress.

My dilemma is that I want so badly to cut it out of my expensive and beautiful flannelette and make the finished item, but do I make just one more draft with the collar revisions first? Just to make sure it's right?  

I should sleep on it.  And be sensible.  I don't want to waste that expensive fabric after all.  Far too tired to make sensible decisions tonight.


Thursday, 27 October 2016

Work commences on a coat for Ellowyne

Right, since making the coats for the Phineas dolls way back when, and even more so since buying some gorgeous flannelette, I've wanted to make a coat for Ellowyne.

I love coats, and chances are I'll make more, but for this first one, I wanted to keep the pattern pieces as simple as poss for whomever is using the sewing pattern.   I could make one exquisitely fitted, with princess seams etc, but for a pattern that's easy to sew, I decided to give it a go without all those slightly complicated (and bulky)  princess seams.

This is my first draft, and while the fit looks kind of okay from the front, the back was a whole 'nother story.

Firstly, excuse the poor photos, these were snapped in a hurry and my hands are a bit wobbly today.

Secondly, yes, that collar is way huge!  An easy fix though. The lapels could be made a little wider too. Maybe. Just a smidge. Unless the collar is skewing my sense of proportion.

Below is the view from the back, I've had to pin a good chunk of it as it was so large.  

The sleeve heads don't sit on the shoulders either, so that'll need to be altered.  I know what I have to redraft, so I'm cautiously optimistic that I can get a good fit on the next draft.    I won't be using any of my very lovely fabrics until I've got this dead right.   If I can't get it dead right... I'll scrap it and try a different shape.

It is notoriously hard to get a good fit on a female torso (even with small boobs like Ell's) without darts or princess seams, but I want to offer a really elegant coat with relatively easy seaming.   

Wish me luck.

Righty, yes. Other news. Yesterday I posted on Facebook panicking slightly, because I've bought a Kaye Wiggs doll.  I am secretly delighted, but am suffering a small amount of shock as it's the most I've ever spent on a doll. I do have a few resin dolls, but the KW girls are hugely expensive... seriously. We are talking arms and legs here, guys.    I wanted a human doll with natural skin, not a hooved or elf-eared doll, so I found one on Ebay that was just the sort I'm after.  

(Don't get me wrong, I love the look of the elves, fauns and I do like the hooves. I just wanted a little human-looking dolly for myself.)

I was even luckier because the seller is in the UK too. Yay!  So no nasty Customs charges.   The dolly is little Gracie in soft pink skin, on the Mei Mei body.  My personal taste says Gracie is one of the sweeter sculpts from Kaye, and I'm delighted to get her.  So yes, it means some sewing patterns for KW in that body size, and some cute outfits.  I want to make some little beaded dresses for her.  

So many plans, so little time.


Wednesday, 26 October 2016

New toy - Craft trolley.

My new thingie arrived today, flat packed. It was ridiculously easy to put together and is nice and solid.   It's a tower of shallow plastic drawers in rainbow colours.  It's sold as something for hobbyists and hairdressers etc to use and it's just perfect.

I love colour, so I had to have it seeing it was all rainbow-y.  And I have so many embroidery threads and cotton spools that cramming them all into one large drawer was getting a bit inconvenient.

The very best thing about it, is that my wooden sewing tray fits the top perfectly. It could have been made for it.  The wooden tray is from my lovely late mother's sewing box, which was made from all sorts of bits of wood by my grandfather, I think back in the 40s or 50s.  It's dear to me and I love to use it.

Okay, so it's a bit incongruous, a vintage item combined with chrome and plastic, but I go for function as much as looks.

I've got nearly all my embroidery threads in it now, with space left over.

Don't you just love it when you get new storage and everything looks all neat and tidy when youv'e put in in?

Yeah... it won't last.  We all know this.

I love it.  Lovelovelove.  And because it's a trolley, it moves around my very tiny room somewhat usefully.

Honestly, I have so many threads, it's ridiculous.

I still have one empty drawer, and have freed up a lot of space in some of my other storage.  I told my housemate I'm going to try not to fill them all with crap again, and she said 'good luck with that'.

Many a true word...


Sunday, 23 October 2016

New Etsy listings - dolly outfits.

Now I've added inventory to Procione, I've finally managed to photograph and list a few of my dolly outfits that have been nesting in the stock box without good homes to go to.

Now in my Etsy store:

I made this one-off outfit a while back, whilst trying to develop the Bollywood sewing pattern. The skirt isn't Bollywood at all really, but it looks lovely with the top.  Onto which I've hand-sewn teeny tiny sequins.

The jewellery is made with glass crackle beads too, they're perfect for the colour scheme.  (So much hand sewing in that skirt and its lining. SO MUCH.)

I also have a few shabby chic, layered outfits.  I hand dyed most of the fabric in these, to coordinate with the printed ones.  The shades are lovely.

And of course I'm a huge fan of bloomers,  so all these sets have bloomers in them.

And one more, I wasn't entirely happy with my photography here, but try as I might, I couldn't get the doll to look the way I wanted.  But at least you can see the outfit nicely.

And some more recent ones for lil' Patience.  this first one was actually the prototype garment for the sewing pattern, but it turned out so perfectly, I added a bracelet and listed it.

And the next, which was used as one of the cover pictures for the sewing pattern.  It looks proper posh and party like with the sparkly pink glass bead jewellery.

Then there's that gorgeous little coat-dress, over the mixed print frock. I love the design of these two so much.  I want to make more, but I need to get on with my next sewing pattern.

Anyhoo, they're all up for grabs now in my Etsy shop.

Tomorrow I begin that coat for Ellowyne.  Really looking forward to that one.  :)


Saturday, 22 October 2016

New inventory for Procione

Now that I've been beavering away at my little treasures, I've finally managed to get everything photographed and listed in the Procione store.


Here are some shots of the finished items.

first up, I used to have my own little jewellery business, so I wanted to make some pendants.  I've used my precious inchie fabric to inset beaded applique into these two creations.   I'm loving them with the chunky snake chains, which are sterling silver.

Link for heart pendant:

Link for square pendant:

And of course a barrette.  This one is a spring clip, and has lovely little silvertone metal dangles. I love this one, I was so drunk on colour when I made it.

Link for barrette:

And of course, some cuffs.  I've been posting progress shots on some of these as I went along.   Now they're all complete and very lavish. this first was from my inchies,  I do like those, I need to make some more.

Link for Indian Splendour cuff:

And a bracelet from the inchies, and this is the last of those, I promise.   The links are hinged with seed beads. So tricksy to get right.

Link for Inchworm bracelet:

Then I moved on to needlepoint, having bought in some sumptuous embroidery and sewing threads.   I did a lot of this back in my childhood, I loved all kinds of embroidery, and it's sort of comforting and soothing to do it again now.

Loving just throwing all my space-dyed colours at things.  The Magic Carpet cuff is finished now.  I love it.

Link for the magic carpet cuff:

And to finish up, the mosaic needlepoint bracelet. I'm still working on a detailed tutorial for this piece.

Link to the mosaic bracelet:

So, next on the agenda, I keep getting new ideas like dream catchers, and textile art ideas.  And woven cuffs etc.  I'll be focusing mostly on something for Ellowyne next week though.  I have heard choruses of approval for the impending winter coat.  Looking forward to creating something like that.


Friday, 21 October 2016

SSP-041 dresses and dress-coat sewing pattern for Patience Wilde

It took a while but here's the new Patience sewing pattern I've been promising for these past weeks.   I love both versions of this adorable dress, perfect for the party season, now that autumn is upon us.
The pattern is now available:

In my Etsy shop:

And right here on the blog: (Via Sellfy)

My Craftsy store: Craftsy have recently changed their website, and at present I'm unable to upload any pattern files.  I'm awaiting some technical help on this, and will keep trying. My apologies for this, the new layout seems to be riddled with issues and is hugely frustrating.

If you wish to buy directly from me because of the Craftsy problem¸ I'll sell the patterns for the same price as quoted on Etsy and here in the blog.  The price will be in GBP, not US dollars, so American customers will see the prices fluctuate as the exchange rate changes from day to day.

I can supply a PayPal invoice and email the pattern to you within 24 hours of payment.  Usually it will be faster than that, I'm just allowing for the potential differences in time zones.  

If you do buy from me by email, and you live in the EU, the rules state that I don't have to charge you VAT as it's a direct sale.  So I won't. Isn't that useful?

Etsy will charge EU customers VAT (This does not affect America or other non-EU countries).  I always recommend people to look in my Craftsy store anyway, as the prices fluctuate, due to the international exchange rates.  I always suggest comparing prices.

If you wish to buy directly from me, I can supply a PayPal invoice and email the pattern to you within 24 hours.  Usually it will be faster than that, I'm just allowing for the potential differences in time zones.

patience sewing pattern

Version one of the dress is lovely and girly.  It would look so pretty in glitzy fabrics, as a Christmas party dress.   I had a pile of cute animal fabrics I wanted to use up, so this is more pastel than glitzy.

Version two is a fab little number for using up those pretty scraps that you can't bear to throw away. It has a cute ragamuffin feel, and would also make a fab little party frock.

The little coat dress can be made in light fabrics for a dress feel, or you could make it in flannelette, or quilters weight cottons, for the feel of a proper winter coat. It would also make a great bathrobe or dressing gown over pyjamas.

For my front closure I've sewn buttonhole loops and have used seed beads as buttons.   The pattern instructions contain a tutorial for doing this.  You could also just sew on snaps, and hide the snap stitching by gluing on embellishments.

I like it best over version two of the dress, and I've made mine with one of the fabrics I used in the skirt panels.

So that's Patience spoiled rotten. Again.

Next, I feel a winter coat for Ellowyne might be in order.  I have coats for  my boys, but the poor girls have been a tad neglected.


Thursday, 20 October 2016

Beads and sequins...

Really quick one today. My back is in pieces so I need to rest.

Added some bling to the bargello cuff.  It's looking fab, and I still haven't taken a shot in natural daylight.  But I will.  I will.


Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Drive-by bargello

I figured that quickie posts are better than no posts, right?

So here's a needlepoint cuff I've been working on.   I do love bargello, and I'm inspired (among many other things) by Indian textiles and Bollywood style.   Bargello really does lend itself to things of an Indian nature.  Magic carpets, rich brocades, yummy.

So hard to capture the lovely colours under an artificial light. Will try again in daylight  tomorrow maybe.  These are some of the hand-dyed embroidery threads I posted recently.  I have bagfuls of them now.  Literally. Over two bagfuls in fact.

I'll finish this off, and add some pretty glass beads.  I really do like making these cuff bracelets.

In the meantime, I continue to work on that outfit for Patience, which seems to have grown an overdress.  I never make things easy for myself, heh.


Sunday, 16 October 2016

Sunday quickie.

Yes, okay, I'm still working on that outfit for Patience, but at weekends I lapse into other crafts.

I'm still on a huge bracelet/cuff buzz, and have invested in some bangle making kit.  I wish I still had all my stuff from when I ran the little jewellery business but that all got lost or sold, or left behind over the years.

Still.  I've ordered a bangle mandrel, a rubber mallet and a couple of tools so I can make bangle blanks. The sort with the gap in that you can easily slip onto your wrist.   I tried to source some to wrap in beads and fabrics etc. I found one on Ebay, but I'm not paying those prices for something I know I can make for less than a quarter of the price.

Something like this. I don't know whose photo it is, so I hope they don't mind if they see it here on my blog.  I did a google search for an image of what I want to make and just found it.

Mine will be lightweight aluminium, because if you're careful, you can work aluminium without having to anneal it.  Can't wait until my stuff arrives.

In the meantime, I'm working on a crafts tutorial.  I figured it's what I do and it's been good for me with the dolly clothes patterns, so I'll produce a couple of detailed walk-you-through-everything craft tutorials to see how they go.

This is the first one, just a teaser to show how pretty a picot bead edging looks.

I'm in love with needlepoint and textiles lately.  And poor Patience is stood on my desk in her new frock waiting for a shrug or something to go with it.

I'll get to it.



Thursday, 13 October 2016

Hand dyed embroidery threads

It is said I'm a tad picky about many things and if my housemates read this, they'll be laughing at me for the understatement of the century.    Having recently bought a bulk lot of embroidery threads of varying types, I've already sorted them into colour groups and picked out the pastels.

I don't do pastels.

It's not that I haven't tried, but I can't get on with them. I do my best work in jewel shades, autumnal shades, and more vibrant colours. Sorbets are about as pale as I like to get.  

So with all these pastels, I've spent a couple of days over-dying them in rich jewel colours.  Not only that, But there's nothing more delicious when embroidering, than using space dyed threads.  So I've created several rainbow skeins, some rich purples, orange/browns, magentas and turquoise.  All my favourite colours.

It took some doing, and I totally invaded the kitchen yesterday and the day before that.  Today was spent winding the skeins onto card, which I find is the best way to store them, as you can tuck loose ends into slits in the card.   I have some space-dyed threads in a bag in my drawer from over ten years ago. They're still intact and just as bright as the day I dyed them... but they are beginning to dwindle  a bit, so I've made a new batch.

SO MANY  skeins!

It's hard to capture the depth of shades with  the camera, but these look mouthwatering, and I'll be making some needlepoint thingies with it all.

My room is so crammed with craft stuff, I currently have all my embroidery threads in a box which lives pretty much on the bedroom floor.  I just need that one more empty drawer - which in my room is never going to happen.

I tried to find an online tutorial so I could post a link here, but there doesn't seem to be anything similar to what I do with my threads.   This one is very good  But they are dying wool, which uses acid dyes. I've been dying cotton and rayon, for which procion MX fibre reactive dyes are best.  

Basically you need acid dyes for animal based thread, such as wool or silk, and fibre reactive dyes for vegetable based threads, such as cotton, rayon/viscose, and bamboo, etc.

Handprinted is a good website for information on dyes, and the dyes themselves.  It's where I buy all my dyes.  I imagine people lining in the USA can find websites and suppliers based over the pond, but for the UK, this is a good retailer.  They also have free information on what dyes to choose, and how to use them.

I wind my threads into long skeins, arrange them in a ceramic or glass bowl, over some clingfilm (saran wrap)  and drip the different colour dyes where I want them.  I then wrap the threads in the clingfilm and leave them for a few hours.

It is a wee bit involved, and you need to focus on what you're doing, but so worth it.  It's much cheaper than buying space-dyed threads and yarns too... although I have ordered some Anchor and DMC space dyed embroidery thread to enhance my projects.  I just can't resist the pretty.

I've also ordered some white perle cotton 5, and will dye that once it arrives.  You can dye over pastel threads, in fact any colour, but the original colour will of course affect the result.  if you dye a blue yarn with yellow dye, for example, you get green thread.  Likewise, if you have say, green threads you don't like very much, you can over-dye them with yellow for a gorgeous olive or lime green green, or with blue, for a lovely ocean green.

The white I've ordered, is for a purer batch of colours.

As a side note, cotton perle 5 is great for 14 count mono canvas. I use Zweigart interlock.

I'll post the results of my next batch as and when.   And of course the needlepoint projects they're destined for.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Drive-by needlepoint

I couldn't sew today. My head just wasn't there, so I've taken a load of my embroidery threads, all the pastel colours etc, that I'm not that fond of and have over-dyed many of them in rainbow shades. There's a batch of purple too.

I love to hand dye my own variegated threads, and have a bagful of them, but lately I've been using them up.  So it's time for more.  I'll post the results here when they're all washed and dried. They're still soaking in dye for this evening.

However I have made a needlepoint thing to tease you with.   It's made from my own hand-dyed variegated threads, so you can see how sumptuous a project looks if you use the space-dyed loveliness.

And with the addition of beads, it looks really rather lavish.

This item is a thing, for which I need some other things.  Until they arrive I can't finish it, so I'll be doing something else this evening.

I really am rediscovering my love of needlepoint.   It's so therapeutic.  .. but then I've a feeling I say that about every craft I enjoy.


Sunday, 9 October 2016

Procione: Autumnal cuff and barrette.

Having finished off some of those projects that were hanging around, I had great fun with these two.

Available here in my Etsy shop:



I have some lovely metallic fabrics, and I'm not afraind to use them! they make for beautiful applique, and I'm still very happy with my sewing machine.

I finish everything by hand.  The applique is done on the machine, then I add the studs, and finally I hand sew the binding around the edge and add the snap.

I do like using these studs.  I could spend a fortune on them.

The snaps are great too. And hypo-allergenic.  I've tested a couple of these to destruction, and it's hard to rip them out of the fabric.  I had to resort to pliers in the end.

And the barrette in the same fabrics and colours.  I was in an autumnal mood.

My photography skills are pretty satisfactory, but it's hard to convey the lovely metallic fabrics in a photo.

I have still more little bits and pieces awaiting those final components, so hopefully I'll be able to list more items next weekend.


Saturday, 8 October 2016

Things on the go

This weekend I'm trying to finish off all my odds and ends.  Usually, I finish one project before starting another, but what with having to wait for materials ordered online, I have several small projects sitting in a pile waiting for some love.

As you can see, I'm still playing with inchies and have a cuff in process, as well as a rather complicated barrette.

I'm absolutely thrilled with the new rayon threads I bought in that huge stash order. They're hard to sew with (notoriously so) but I find if I slow my sewing machine right down, adjust the tension,  and use Thread Heaven to condition it, I can get a beautiful satin stitch edging around all my bits and pieces.

Bias binding is nice, and therapeutic to sit down and sew by hand, but these edgings look gorgeous.  I can see a lot more of these in my future!

Out of shot are another cuff and barrette in autumnal colours.  Right now, I'm slightly cross-eyed with sewing on all those beads.   Time for a milky coffee and a sit down methinks.


Friday, 7 October 2016


Hi folks, just a quick post to say that for some reason, I'm not getting any notifications AT ALL when people comment.

So my apologies to anyone I've ignored.   I'll try to check the blog manually every day.

Stoopid Blogger...

(ETA I think I may have fixed it, fingers crossed. It seems Google+ is what's causing all the issues. So I've disabled it. It should make things easier. However - in fixing the problem, I seem to have obliterated all previous comments, so my apologies for that too.)

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

More money than sense...

Last week I spent a silly amount of money on embroidery threads and beads.  It was money I could ill-afford to spend, but as per usual, I got seduced by all the gorgeous colours, and the bargains. I suspect it's the same story for most of my crafting pals dotted around t'internet.

Needless to say, I've spent most of the week suffering from buyers remorse.

Until!  This afternoon when the order arrived.   I do have plans for all this stuff, so it's not the total frivolity it might seem. (Said every crafter that ever existed, all over the world.)


I've got hand and machine embroidery thread and a bagful of mixed seed beads.  The colours are delicious and a lot of the threads are rayon/viscose, so they're silky shiny.  

They're also surprisingly soft, compared to the few skeins of expensive branded rayon embroidery threads I have in my stash.   I'm so looking forward to using these, but until the weekend, I'm working on a dress for Patience, so I'll have to possess my lil' soul in.. well.. patience.  Heh.

All of this will be turned into cuffs, bracelets, jewellery, etc.   I've been thinking a lot about the crafts I used to enjoy so much before I got into the dolly stuff.   Don't get me wrong, I still love the dolls and have no intention of quitting,  but crafts and art are amazing therapy for anxiety and depression.

Not quite as good as cats, but a close second.

(And it amuses me that this thread is called 'Chiken'. Don't count your chikens before they're stitched. Or something funnier, that I can't think of right now.)

And now my love of my sewing machine is complete (I've called it Elwood.  Because it's a Brother.  Think about it. The name popped into my head and it's sort of stuck)  I have lots of lovely machine embroidery threads to play with.

So yes, I may be absolutely and utterly skint for the whole of October, but I feel like it's Christmas.

Now I need to find places to store it all, in my teeny tiny bursting-at-the-seams bedroom, which doubles as my craft room.

Easier said than done...

It's times like this I love being single. No other half to peer over my shoulder saying 'you spent how much on this crap?'  But, I argue, at least I didn't spent like 2k on three cars to do up, that now you can't sell and don't have garage space to keep them, and are having to practically give them away to your mates.

So there. I am woman. Hear me roar.

Or cluck.


Monday, 3 October 2016

New items

I've posted some actual people sized accessories in the Raccoon's Rags Etsy shop:


Remember my inchies?  I had a fair bit of fabric left over from my experiments with the bracelet, so I made a hair slide out of it.

It was already encrusted with machine embroidery (SO much fun) but I wanted a bit more texture, so I hand-embroidered eyelets in my own space-dyed embroidery threads and put a reflective foil print fabric behind it. You can see little flashes of colour in the eyelet holes.

I've also made a silver and pink arty barrette,  I love the colour combination and I also love using these tiny metal pronged studs.   I would try some iron-on nailheads or rhinestones because they come in lovely shapes and colours, but I don't like to use glue-on products. I'm always worried they'll eventually fall off.  Not desirable in a beautifully made art piece!

So my studs are real, and will stay put.

To match the barrette, I've made a cuff bracelet.   Again, it was a lot of fun doing the applique.  I'm so in love with my clever sewing machine lately, but I still hand sew the binding edges.  It just gives me so much more control, and I can make sure it's all perfectly neat.

(Why yes, I am borderline OCD, thank you for asking... but it makes for a guaranteed well-made item)

In other news, I seem to have spent an inordinate amount of money on craft supplies this month, eek!  I shouldn't have done, because October is always a quiet month for me.  So I'm a twit.

That'll learn me.

On the upside, I do have a pile of gorgeous hand and machine embroidery threads on the way. And I mean a pile...