Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Drive-by bargello

I figured that quickie posts are better than no posts, right?

So here's a needlepoint cuff I've been working on.   I do love bargello, and I'm inspired (among many other things) by Indian textiles and Bollywood style.   Bargello really does lend itself to things of an Indian nature.  Magic carpets, rich brocades, yummy.

So hard to capture the lovely colours under an artificial light. Will try again in daylight  tomorrow maybe.  These are some of the hand-dyed embroidery threads I posted recently.  I have bagfuls of them now.  Literally. Over two bagfuls in fact.

I'll finish this off, and add some pretty glass beads.  I really do like making these cuff bracelets.

In the meantime, I continue to work on that outfit for Patience, which seems to have grown an overdress.  I never make things easy for myself, heh.



  1. Oooh pretty - love'll have me trying needlepoint next!!!! Mimi's waiting very patiently to see this outfit.....

    1. It's so much fun, and I adore loads of colours. Yes, the Patience outfit had me a bit foxed really, but now I've made a coat-dress to go over the top and I love it. So it's just the boring stuff to do now, like scanning in the pattern pieces and writing out instructions!


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