Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Drive-by needlepoint

I couldn't sew today. My head just wasn't there, so I've taken a load of my embroidery threads, all the pastel colours etc, that I'm not that fond of and have over-dyed many of them in rainbow shades. There's a batch of purple too.

I love to hand dye my own variegated threads, and have a bagful of them, but lately I've been using them up.  So it's time for more.  I'll post the results here when they're all washed and dried. They're still soaking in dye for this evening.

However I have made a needlepoint thing to tease you with.   It's made from my own hand-dyed variegated threads, so you can see how sumptuous a project looks if you use the space-dyed loveliness.

And with the addition of beads, it looks really rather lavish.

This item is a thing, for which I need some other things.  Until they arrive I can't finish it, so I'll be doing something else this evening.

I really am rediscovering my love of needlepoint.   It's so therapeutic.  .. but then I've a feeling I say that about every craft I enjoy.



  1. That's gorgeous! Love the colours and can't wait to see what it turns into!! Don't think I've ever tried needlepoint - I can cross stitch but that's sort of where my embroidery skills stop!!

    1. A lot of needlepoint is half cross stitch, ans some of the satin stitches are nice and easy. I used to do a lot of cross stitch, it's fun. :)

      Also - I have turquoise and purple fingers now, after dying the threads, so sewing a very pale dress for Patience probably isn't a good idea, lol!

  2. Woosch, all the colors!! <3

    1. :D

      I just love throwing colour around.


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