Saturday, 29 October 2016

Kaye Wiggs - Gracie

I never thought I'd own one of these girls, but I'm now the very happy owner of little Gracie.   She's on the Mei Mei body, and the skintone is fair, not soft pink as I'd thought, but that's okay.  I like a lot of the KW sculpts, and any one of them would be a grail doll for me, so I'm ecstatic now she's here... and not one teeny tiny disappointment do I have to report.

The resin is amazing.  It's satiny smooth and nothing short of exquisite.  None of my other BJDs are this smooth, not even the Iplehouse JIDs.    It's also beautifully translucent, which the Iplehouse dolls are too, but there's not a seam line to be found on this doll.

She's strung properly too, not too loose or tight, and I love the joints. They stay posed at hip, knee and elbow.  The wrists are great, as are the ankles.   There is a little bit of kick in the shoulder joints, and some in the head - but I wonder if I might suede those joints, just to firm them up a bit.

I also love the face-up.  It's so delicate and pretty, and alas, my photographs really don't do it justice.

First off, I had some beautiful grey and pink eyes, that I put in, and had to wrap her in her packaging 'bandage' as she has no clothes yet, and I don't think I have anything to fit her.

Then I had to make a wig.  She's too special to be shown off without lovely locks, so I dug out those Tibetan lambskins I've been hoarding,  then I made a skull cap out of felt, to make a pattern for the more expensive lambskin. That took me five attempts, but I persevered and now I have a well fitting pattern.

(Tibetan mohair wigs are so hard to control!  But I love the look of them and I did my best.)

Those eyes are not quite lined up, methinks. I'll need to adjust them a bit, but it took me so long to get the wig into some semblance of order, I didn't want to have to do it all over again.

Gracie was bigger than I expected!  Compared to my sylphlike Soom Rosette and even the more stocky Iplehoue JIDs, she's wide around the torso and thights, but it's all in proportion for the age she's meant to portray.

And her head is like ... massive. I go on about Prudence Moody's massive bonce, but even the only two wigs that fit my Pru are too small for Gracie.  She's a size 8-9. That's okay. I love buying wigs anyway, and the one I made today is peachy.

She's such a demure little thing.  I adore her.

I'll have to get sewing for her very soon.   I need to make sure I finish the Ellowyne coat project first. If I put a project aside because of something new and shiny, I'm doomed.  So I have to be strict with myself and delay gratification.

I'm bowled over by the quality of this little lady.  I get it now, the whole thing about Kaye Wiggs dolls. They're divine, and already I want to save up for another one.  Maybe in two years time.  Heh.

(ETA: She can share wigs with Patience.  My life is complete)



  1. Ooooh..... she is beautiful.... now I want one...... such a cute little pouty face!!!! I was going to say that's the same size wig as Patience but I see you've figured that one out!! That's a fab wig you've made her - suits her perfectly and I can't wait to see what you make for her... but yes Ell says you do need to finish that coat first... ;)

    1. They are really quite lovely dolls. I keep stroking the resin, it's like smooth glass. Haha! Yes it took me a while - I don't know why it didn't occure to me that she had a similar sized head to Patience. I was trying all my Ell and MSD wigs on her in vain. Then a lady on Facebook said that the Patience hats fitted KW dolls, so I tried the wig. Not I'm going to spend the day making a fur wig. Or maybe another untameable mohair one, we'll have to see how sore my fingers are!

      Ell doesn't have to worry, I'm very keen on the coat. It's my weekend now though so I'll do more wig-making, and back to the coat tomorrow.

    2. I keep looking at a Mei Mei..... evil bay is just evil showing me these things!! Then I keep telling myself that I should appreciate the dolls I've got!! I have however been mix and matching your patterns again.... the Patience twins Zsa Zsa and Kiki have witches outfits..... Kiki is totally dressed from RR patterns - leotard, stockings and I used the waistband from the dungarees pattern to sew netting to for a skirt!! Pics in the usual place. Enjoy playing with wigs!!

    3. I think I know the Mei Mei you mean. I considered her when making a decision. She's lovely, I wanted both, lol. And that seller is the same lady I bought Gracie from. I can vouch for her good communications and honesty. She's nice and we're now friends on Facebook. I had my doll within three days of purchase.

      Eep, I'm not trying to 'enable' you! Promise. It's a lot of money.

      Hurrah, pics! Ima go look now. :o)


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