Sunday, 23 October 2016

New Etsy listings - dolly outfits.

Now I've added inventory to Procione, I've finally managed to photograph and list a few of my dolly outfits that have been nesting in the stock box without good homes to go to.

Now in my Etsy store:

I made this one-off outfit a while back, whilst trying to develop the Bollywood sewing pattern. The skirt isn't Bollywood at all really, but it looks lovely with the top.  Onto which I've hand-sewn teeny tiny sequins.

The jewellery is made with glass crackle beads too, they're perfect for the colour scheme.  (So much hand sewing in that skirt and its lining. SO MUCH.)

I also have a few shabby chic, layered outfits.  I hand dyed most of the fabric in these, to coordinate with the printed ones.  The shades are lovely.

And of course I'm a huge fan of bloomers,  so all these sets have bloomers in them.

And one more, I wasn't entirely happy with my photography here, but try as I might, I couldn't get the doll to look the way I wanted.  But at least you can see the outfit nicely.

And some more recent ones for lil' Patience.  this first one was actually the prototype garment for the sewing pattern, but it turned out so perfectly, I added a bracelet and listed it.

And the next, which was used as one of the cover pictures for the sewing pattern.  It looks proper posh and party like with the sparkly pink glass bead jewellery.

Then there's that gorgeous little coat-dress, over the mixed print frock. I love the design of these two so much.  I want to make more, but I need to get on with my next sewing pattern.

Anyhoo, they're all up for grabs now in my Etsy shop.

Tomorrow I begin that coat for Ellowyne.  Really looking forward to that one.  :)



  1. Lovely outfits - Tess - I like the alternative Bollywood one - love the fabric the skirt is in. Now I want to sew but I have no time ..... roll on 14th Nov and a week off work and dollytime!! The Ells are very interested to see the coat!!

    1. It's a lovely fabric that skirt, I have some more of it which I should really use up. Ooh time off work sounds good! The coat is in the draft stage right now, I need to make something to go underneath it, then work can commence!

  2. These are SO beautiful. Do you sell them? I have a 27# Scholz doll that I need a coat for.

    1. Thanks so much! I do sell dolls clothes and sewing patterns on Etsy, but I don't do commissions. Sorry! (I wouldn't be able to sew for that size of doll anyway, as I don't own one.) Here's a link to my Etsy though.


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