Saturday, 22 October 2016

New inventory for Procione

Now that I've been beavering away at my little treasures, I've finally managed to get everything photographed and listed in the Procione store.


Here are some shots of the finished items.

first up, I used to have my own little jewellery business, so I wanted to make some pendants.  I've used my precious inchie fabric to inset beaded applique into these two creations.   I'm loving them with the chunky snake chains, which are sterling silver.

Link for heart pendant:

Link for square pendant:

And of course a barrette.  This one is a spring clip, and has lovely little silvertone metal dangles. I love this one, I was so drunk on colour when I made it.

Link for barrette:

And of course, some cuffs.  I've been posting progress shots on some of these as I went along.   Now they're all complete and very lavish. this first was from my inchies,  I do like those, I need to make some more.

Link for Indian Splendour cuff:

And a bracelet from the inchies, and this is the last of those, I promise.   The links are hinged with seed beads. So tricksy to get right.

Link for Inchworm bracelet:

Then I moved on to needlepoint, having bought in some sumptuous embroidery and sewing threads.   I did a lot of this back in my childhood, I loved all kinds of embroidery, and it's sort of comforting and soothing to do it again now.

Loving just throwing all my space-dyed colours at things.  The Magic Carpet cuff is finished now.  I love it.

Link for the magic carpet cuff:

And to finish up, the mosaic needlepoint bracelet. I'm still working on a detailed tutorial for this piece.

Link to the mosaic bracelet:

So, next on the agenda, I keep getting new ideas like dream catchers, and textile art ideas.  And woven cuffs etc.  I'll be focusing mostly on something for Ellowyne next week though.  I have heard choruses of approval for the impending winter coat.  Looking forward to creating something like that.



  1. It's all just gorgeous! I really like the mosaic bracelet, and the inchie bracelet and well just all of it...

    1. Thanks Trish, lol. I do like my baubles.


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