Monday, 3 October 2016

New items

I've posted some actual people sized accessories in the Raccoon's Rags Etsy shop:


Remember my inchies?  I had a fair bit of fabric left over from my experiments with the bracelet, so I made a hair slide out of it.

It was already encrusted with machine embroidery (SO much fun) but I wanted a bit more texture, so I hand-embroidered eyelets in my own space-dyed embroidery threads and put a reflective foil print fabric behind it. You can see little flashes of colour in the eyelet holes.

I've also made a silver and pink arty barrette,  I love the colour combination and I also love using these tiny metal pronged studs.   I would try some iron-on nailheads or rhinestones because they come in lovely shapes and colours, but I don't like to use glue-on products. I'm always worried they'll eventually fall off.  Not desirable in a beautifully made art piece!

So my studs are real, and will stay put.

To match the barrette, I've made a cuff bracelet.   Again, it was a lot of fun doing the applique.  I'm so in love with my clever sewing machine lately, but I still hand sew the binding edges.  It just gives me so much more control, and I can make sure it's all perfectly neat.

(Why yes, I am borderline OCD, thank you for asking... but it makes for a guaranteed well-made item)

In other news, I seem to have spent an inordinate amount of money on craft supplies this month, eek!  I shouldn't have done, because October is always a quiet month for me.  So I'm a twit.

That'll learn me.

On the upside, I do have a pile of gorgeous hand and machine embroidery threads on the way. And I mean a pile...


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