Sunday, 9 October 2016

Procione: Autumnal cuff and barrette.

Having finished off some of those projects that were hanging around, I had great fun with these two.

Available here in my Etsy shop:



I have some lovely metallic fabrics, and I'm not afraind to use them! they make for beautiful applique, and I'm still very happy with my sewing machine.

I finish everything by hand.  The applique is done on the machine, then I add the studs, and finally I hand sew the binding around the edge and add the snap.

I do like using these studs.  I could spend a fortune on them.

The snaps are great too. And hypo-allergenic.  I've tested a couple of these to destruction, and it's hard to rip them out of the fabric.  I had to resort to pliers in the end.

And the barrette in the same fabrics and colours.  I was in an autumnal mood.

My photography skills are pretty satisfactory, but it's hard to convey the lovely metallic fabrics in a photo.

I have still more little bits and pieces awaiting those final components, so hopefully I'll be able to list more items next weekend.



  1. Gorgeous colours - very autumnal - I do love it when the trees start changing colour but I could do without the dark nights and mornings lol!!

    1. It's all very pretty but I agree about those dark nights and mornings!

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