Friday, 28 October 2016

Second draft of the Ellowyne coat

I was hoping the second time would be the charm - and it very nearly is.  Again, the pics aren't my best work, but I'm too tired to drag out the tripod, so wibbly hands it is.

This one is in denim, which is a bit easier to sew than the cheap black flannelette.

The collar is still too big, which made me snarl and cuss quite a bit, because it's considerably smaller than the first draft.  But I think I know where I went wrong.

But the sleeve head seams are sitting square on the shoulders now. W00t.

Not sure if the sleeves are a smidge too long and would welcome opinions on that.  They seem sort of okay, but maybe I could take them up just 1/8" (3mm) ?

And from the back, I've got it right.  It's as perfect a fit as one can get without those princess seams shaping it to the body.

You can see the sleeve head seams better from here too, as the collar isn't in the way.

I'm happy with this fit on the back.  The shaping below the waist is good too. It will look just right over a long skirt or dress.

My dilemma is that I want so badly to cut it out of my expensive and beautiful flannelette and make the finished item, but do I make just one more draft with the collar revisions first? Just to make sure it's right?  

I should sleep on it.  And be sensible.  I don't want to waste that expensive fabric after all.  Far too tired to make sensible decisions tonight.



  1. Fab - I'd probably make the sleeves slightly shorter - I thought they looked ok in pic 1 but on the second pic with the arms out they do look a tad too long but not by much! I have short arms so I'm used to sleeves being too long!! Re the dilemma - how mad with yourself would you be if you muck up your expensive flannelette - it's not worth it - make it in something cheaper and get it right first!!

    1. Yes, having slept, I think a teeny bit off the sleeves. Just 1/8" I think. Thanks for the input, much appreciated. I have short arms too, lol! I know - I will be sensible with the flannelette, now I'm more awake and thinking straight.


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