Sunday, 16 October 2016

Sunday quickie.

Yes, okay, I'm still working on that outfit for Patience, but at weekends I lapse into other crafts.

I'm still on a huge bracelet/cuff buzz, and have invested in some bangle making kit.  I wish I still had all my stuff from when I ran the little jewellery business but that all got lost or sold, or left behind over the years.

Still.  I've ordered a bangle mandrel, a rubber mallet and a couple of tools so I can make bangle blanks. The sort with the gap in that you can easily slip onto your wrist.   I tried to source some to wrap in beads and fabrics etc. I found one on Ebay, but I'm not paying those prices for something I know I can make for less than a quarter of the price.

Something like this. I don't know whose photo it is, so I hope they don't mind if they see it here on my blog.  I did a google search for an image of what I want to make and just found it.

Mine will be lightweight aluminium, because if you're careful, you can work aluminium without having to anneal it.  Can't wait until my stuff arrives.

In the meantime, I'm working on a crafts tutorial.  I figured it's what I do and it's been good for me with the dolly clothes patterns, so I'll produce a couple of detailed walk-you-through-everything craft tutorials to see how they go.

This is the first one, just a teaser to show how pretty a picot bead edging looks.

I'm in love with needlepoint and textiles lately.  And poor Patience is stood on my desk in her new frock waiting for a shrug or something to go with it.

I'll get to it.



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