Thursday, 27 October 2016

Work commences on a coat for Ellowyne

Right, since making the coats for the Phineas dolls way back when, and even more so since buying some gorgeous flannelette, I've wanted to make a coat for Ellowyne.

I love coats, and chances are I'll make more, but for this first one, I wanted to keep the pattern pieces as simple as poss for whomever is using the sewing pattern.   I could make one exquisitely fitted, with princess seams etc, but for a pattern that's easy to sew, I decided to give it a go without all those slightly complicated (and bulky)  princess seams.

This is my first draft, and while the fit looks kind of okay from the front, the back was a whole 'nother story.

Firstly, excuse the poor photos, these were snapped in a hurry and my hands are a bit wobbly today.

Secondly, yes, that collar is way huge!  An easy fix though. The lapels could be made a little wider too. Maybe. Just a smidge. Unless the collar is skewing my sense of proportion.

Below is the view from the back, I've had to pin a good chunk of it as it was so large.  

The sleeve heads don't sit on the shoulders either, so that'll need to be altered.  I know what I have to redraft, so I'm cautiously optimistic that I can get a good fit on the next draft.    I won't be using any of my very lovely fabrics until I've got this dead right.   If I can't get it dead right... I'll scrap it and try a different shape.

It is notoriously hard to get a good fit on a female torso (even with small boobs like Ell's) without darts or princess seams, but I want to offer a really elegant coat with relatively easy seaming.   

Wish me luck.

Righty, yes. Other news. Yesterday I posted on Facebook panicking slightly, because I've bought a Kaye Wiggs doll.  I am secretly delighted, but am suffering a small amount of shock as it's the most I've ever spent on a doll. I do have a few resin dolls, but the KW girls are hugely expensive... seriously. We are talking arms and legs here, guys.    I wanted a human doll with natural skin, not a hooved or elf-eared doll, so I found one on Ebay that was just the sort I'm after.  

(Don't get me wrong, I love the look of the elves, fauns and I do like the hooves. I just wanted a little human-looking dolly for myself.)

I was even luckier because the seller is in the UK too. Yay!  So no nasty Customs charges.   The dolly is little Gracie in soft pink skin, on the Mei Mei body.  My personal taste says Gracie is one of the sweeter sculpts from Kaye, and I'm delighted to get her.  So yes, it means some sewing patterns for KW in that body size, and some cute outfits.  I want to make some little beaded dresses for her.  

So many plans, so little time.



  1. I'm liking the look of that coat - I'm sure it'll be even lovelier once you've made your tweaks!! Congrats on the Kaye Wiggs doll - I've looked at them many times - so expensive but very lovely... even though I very much doubt I'll ever have one I shall look forward to seeing your creations... and I like the sound of beaded dresses!!

    1. thanks Trish. I like the lines so far, just tweaking it about now. I'm embarking on the second toile as I type. Oh dear lord, I know! Sooo expensive! I freaked myself out a bit, but I've always wanted one, and who knows? Once I've taken over the world with my dolly stuff, maybe I can get another one.


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