Monday, 28 November 2016

Introducing Rufus

I did a squee this morning.

Recently, I commissioned UK polymer clay artist, Gem Bethany Pricey to make me a lil' raccoon mascot for Raccoon HQ.   He arrived this morning and I absolutely love him!

Gem makes the most amazing and adorable little figures,  and I can't recommend her highly enough.   A look through her facebook page will reveal dragons, kitties, puppies, hippos, gorgeous little Christmas teddy bears, and so many more creative ideas that I don't have room to list them all.

Check out the artist here:

I've long wanted to generate a good raccoon logo for  my teeny business, and was dead chuffed to find a UK artist who could make me one.

Here he is...  a little tailor threading a needle ready to get down to work.

raccoons rags

I've called him Rufus, because I've always liked the name, and because of the red thread. (Love his little face.)

raccoons rags

And one with Patience, who has stolen Gracie's grey wig because she thinks its Raccoon-y.

patience sewing patterns
Okay... I'm gonna need new bloomers, a dress, pants, tights, another jacket.... oh, and a hat... wait, make that two hats... and matching shoes...

And I had to just throw in this last pic, because her eyes went straight purely by accident.  Whenever this happens,  I feel duty-bound to take a picture.  She does look a bit shell shocked though.

patience wilde

I'm going to be playing with this new little guy a bit, experimenting with filters to make a little graphic.   Thanks again Gem,  I couldn't be more pleased!



  1. He's sew cute!!!! I love him - a very fitting mascot for your business! Ah a demanding Patience I know all about those... tell her she's lucky she's still got something to wear lol!! She looks fab in the wig (sorry Gracie!!)... I love the pic of her looking straight - just lovely and not too shell shocked!! Going totally off topic - I love the coat pattern - it worked and Ell has a coat.... you are a clever Raccoon... pictures soonish just need to finish the rest of the outfit (more time that's what I need!!)

  2. She is SO demanding. (SEW demanding) :p

    I think the wig looks better on Gracie - who doesn't mind so much as she's currently wearing a lovely new wig that's blonde and pink. Not one I made, but one I accidentally won in an auction. I didn't think I'd win the bids, but I did... and luckily it's a really lovely wig!

    Really looking forward to seeing Ell in her new coat!

  3. What a great idea to have a mascot, he's adorable and I love the graphic on another post :)

    1. I wanted a better raccoon logo, so Gem, the artist, was kind enough to give her permission for me to use him. He's so cute! he's on my desk now, cheering up my day.

  4. I gotta say, little Rufus looks adorable! It's a wonderful idea too :)

    1. Thank you! He's my lil' desk mascot at the moment. :)


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