Wednesday, 23 November 2016

"Languishing in Layers" A special ensemble for Ellowyne Wilde.

I've been sewing solid for four days now, working on this special outfit.  I made three versions of the leotard before I got it right!

Now listed in my Etsy Shop:

I'm so happy with the result though.

The coat and hat are from the latest Raccoon's Rags pattern, SSP-042. I've added a hatband, but the coat needed no fripperies.   I'm loving her in this.  It's so feminine and so cosy - I wish I had something like it.

Like the steampunk outfits I've made in the past, it has a sort of Edwardian feel, but this time I've made the leotard sleeves without the puffs, to fit better under the coat.  The tights are soft and snuggly, and the petticoat under the dress gives it even more volume.

It's a mass of frothy layers under the skirt, because it has a nice full lining as well as the petticoat. Three layers in all. (I am slightly crazy about layers.)  I quite like the leotard with just the petticoat too, as a mini outfit in itself.

There is sooo much fabric in this ensemble, and it's all sewn by hand.

The coat lapels sit nicely around the decolletage too.

All in all I'm delighted with it, especially the way the coat sits over those full skirts.

So yes.  Lots of being busy.  Talking of which, I'm now in a creative quandary... just one of those 'so much to sew, so little time' things.   I have my Kaye Wiggs Girl who I'm aching to design for, but creatively, I'm feeling the pull towards making some smaller outfits for Patience and Blythe to put in the Etsy shop.  I have lots of smaller pieces of beautiful fabrics crying out to be loved and used.

AND, I also want to make something for Evangeline.

Because I've got all these ideas... I'm dithering over what to do next.  Maybe I should take the evening off and just tidy the bomb site that is my room....



  1. That's one gorgeous outfit - love it.... I currently have an outer and inner coat made - I've learnt that I really should read the pattern properly... that way you don't sew it up wrong lol!! Back on track now - being a bit ambitious and going for a patterned lining...eeek as it's tana lawn it'll be a bit of an expensive mistake if it doesn't work oh well!!! My advice for what it's worth take the evening off and then decide what's going to sell well on Etsy and make some of that... and tell Gracie it'll be worth waiting for her outfit!!

    1. Oh wow, I'm quite excited to see the finished article! Oh heck, yes, it's a bit involved, sewing in a lining. I do hope it all goes well with your tana lawn. I still have so much of it sitting in one of my many stash drawers... I always seem to want to make summer clothes in the winter, and vice versa. I'm rubbish at corresponding my creative ideas with the seasons, lol!

      Yes, I think that's good advice. The patterns are quite hard work in the sense they they're really slow due to having to stop and photograph every seam. I'd like to just sew for a couple of weeks, and remember why I enjoy this so much.

      It will be worth waiting for. I have a cute outfit for Gracie in mind.. well a few really .. I just need time to assimilate.


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