Wednesday, 16 November 2016

SSP-042: Coat and hat sewing pattern for Ellowyne

Managed to get the coat just right!   And I've added a second collar option, as well as a hat.  This is a fairly straightforward coat to sew, no darts or seaming, and I've made the instructions as comprehensive as possible, with lots of pictures, to walk you through the process.

The hat is very cute, and is quite a nice quick project, so you can make hats to match any outfit.

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ellowyne wilde sewing pattern

In my research, I cut out a coat from another pattern available online - just out of interest - and found it would end up so huge on the doll that it would drown her. So I've made mine a bit closer fitting. It does however, have room to go over this toile dress I sewed up quickly.

This is version 1 with the revere collar. It's made from soft brushed cotton, which resembles wool on the doll.

I didn't want the sleeves too huge either, but made sure they fit nicely over the long leotard sleeves.

For the shawl collar coat, version 2, I used a tie-dyed denim, and added my own colour with a little fabric dye to the shoulders and upper sleeves.  It blends nicely down the coat and I'm pleased with the effect.  It doesn't show as well in the photo as it does in real life.

Everything is lined, because I'm a bit obsessive over that!

Next, I need a little break from producing patterns, so will be sewing up a few outfits to offer in my Etsy store.  I have a couple in mind for Ell, based on these coats, a couple for Patience, and possibly one for Evangeline. Fear not though, I don't intend to stop making sewing patterns.  

I'm really dying to get cracking on sewing for my lovely new Kaye Wiggs girl! But I keep getting new ideas and end up delaying my gratification.  Poor naked little Gracie, dressed only in her bandage.  

I should probably be shot, but at least she has some great wigs.  I've also received some new fur fabric samples in the post, so I'll be making even more. 



  1. Oooh... love it!! Pattern purchased and I've lots of plans.... knowing me it'll end up being lots of hats but it's better than nothing. I can just see the purple coat with a floaty dress underneath as a wedding outfit! Did you dye the lining to match - love it!!
    Aww poor little Gracie.... the Ells send sympathy.... they keep getting bumped down the list by Miss Patience..... too many girls... too many outfits to make... too little time..

    1. Eeeh, thanks so much for the purchase. I can just imagine you have a stack of patterns waiting for some dolly time! I was thinking of a floaty dress for the lilac coat myself. Great minds, lol. I didn't dye the lining, it was already a lovely shade of lilac. But it's just right.

      Yes, she looks sad, but I really need to get some ideas out of my ystem and do a little R&D for new patterns.

      I know! So many deserving gals sitting on the shelves all wanting clothing. At lest my boys are all dressed. That's something I suppose...

  2. Oh I'm so tempted to buy this pattern just to see how you made the hats! Earlier this year I made a reversible one for Pippa (which I've not got round to photographing yet). Can't see me producing any more as it half killed me, lol.

    1. Oh my days.. I once made a reversible hat for Sindy and that was hard enough! I did try one or two for Pippa and I think I managed one, but like you it nearly killed me. So much work for one little item.


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