Sunday, 6 November 2016

Weekend wigfest

For my playtime this weekend, I finally got around to that fur fabric I have stashed away, and made some dolly wigs.

The easiest one to make them for, turned out to be Gracie, even though her head is the largest (apart from Patience)

Here's the first one,  posted on Facebook so some people have already seen it.  It went so well, once I'd made the initial wig cap and got it to fit.   Kaye Wiggs doll resin is so smooth that evena well fitting wig slips around a lot.  I've ordered her a silicone wig cap in the hope that will solve the problem.

I just adore these bunches, and the grey looks surprisingly pretty.

Spurred on by my success, I moved on to smaller sizes. One for Ell, and one for my iplehous JID, Rachel.

I think these didn't work very well...

The fringe needs work, it's a bit blunt-cut.  But the bunches look good.

And with this one for Ell, I tried to add streaks of lighter colour, but I don't like them. I don't think the hairstyle suits the dress either.

I was a bit disappointed with these.

So I went back to Gracie, having learned from my mistooks.

I made her a more straightforward wig without the bunches, but tried combining two colours of the fur fabric. It looks lovely on, and suits her.

Then I thought I'd use a similar colour fur to her eyebrows, and again added a bit of that beautiful grey, and of course bunches:

Here it is.  I love it.  The 'blonde' colour is almost exactly the same as her brows, and that grey is nice too.

Of all of them though, the first grey wig is the nicest.  But at least now my new girl has plenty of hairdos to go with the new togs she'll be getting.

And now I have to run off for dinner.



  1. I think you're right the wigs for Gracie are the best! Aww... Gracie... just love her... she looks sweet in all the wigs... she's such a cutie! I like Rachel's wig but not the Ell one - you're right it doesn't go with the dress - even so I'm impressed with your wig making skills!!

    1. I think the overall scale of fur wigs works better on larger-headed dolls in general. Fur fabric is quite thick, so the Ell sized dolls don't look as great. The boys wigs I've made are all cropped short and those work better. It's fun making wigs, but frustrating, the thread draws the fur into the fabric, so you're constantly picking it out with a pin!


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