Monday, 26 December 2016

Boxing day

We adults among my family and friends don't do a huge amount of presents for each other, but the ones I got were way fun.

Fluffy dog slippers.  Anything fluffy is good with me. The ears make them look like bunnies, but I'm fairly confident the noses are dog noses.

Choccies....  Now, you see that Toblerone?  It's a proper one. Not one of the silly new ones.  The minute the great Toblerone controversy of 2016 hit the internet, my awesome bestie went out and bought up some of the sensible ones.

(And of course, Thorntons always = epic)

And my fave, a beanie baby raccoon. He's called Bandit.  Just look at that cute lil' face.

I did get my friend's promise that this won't open up the floodgates for me getting raccoons as gifts for ever more.  I have far too many dolls and fabric stashes to accommodate a lifetime's collection of raccoons.

Hope everyone had a lovely day. We ate lots, and I kept putting amaretto in my coffee all day, so I retired for the night somewhat inebriated.   No headache today though, surprisingly, as I never usually drink.

I would sew today, but... think I'll just watch the Christmas Doctor Who in  BBC iplayer, and put my feet up for the remainder.



  1. Fun presents! I didn't know about the Toblerone change, but it does look odd now, haha!

    1. Fun and cosy and yummy. My favourite sort. ;)

      Yes, it's a bone of contention the new shape. IDK why they just don't make them a bit smaller, or raise the price like everyone else does.

  2. Nice slippers!! Why do they always have to change things - I like white toblerone...never easy to find these days! Amaretto in coffee sounds very sensible... I spent most of yesterday afternoon asleep.... too much wine... I don't drink much either!! You will be pleased to hear that Patience finally got their outfits .. pics on Flickr!!

    1. It's a tad tricky to negotiate our stairs with them...

      I'm off to Flickr now!


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