Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Evangeline Ghastly outfit, "Romance".

I've had this ensemble in my head for ages now, and having the fabric sitting in my stash looking sad finally got the better of me.    I wanted something soft and feminine - and olde worlde - for Evangeline, so I set about making this lovely outfit.

We all know I adore cotton lawn, so I've used some of Spoonflower's retired cotton lawn in my own print designs to bring this idea to life.


evangeline outfit

Once I'd made the dress and petticoat, I kept adding bits and pieces. I love how it all turned out.

Below - the picture in the lower right hand corner shows the dress still under construction. You can see traces of vanishing ink on the shoulder ruffle. These all disappear very quickly and are now gone.

evangeline ghastly outfit

These armlets - dear lord, these armlets!

I can hand-sew pretty swiftly, and still be very neat, but these took a whole day to make.  All those tiny buttonhole loops!  I was very much cross-eyed by the end of the day.  And had a headache.

Totally worth it.

ooak evangeline ghastly

I like to include tights.  One may as well do a job properly.

And I love me a hat.  I was chuffed to find exactly the right pinks in my felt stash.  The binding around the edge of the brim is hand-cut and applied, as is the hatband.

The ribbon can be played with and tied in different ways too.

ooak evangeline ghastly

The little necklace is lovely too. With it's extension chain, it's easy to fasten.

ooak evangeline ghastly

Whew. So tomorrow I may actually hoover my room (shock horror) and spend the day tidying... but next!  I'm so excited to finally start sewing for my new Kaye Wiggs  Gracie.   She's been especially patient, poor wee lassie, so she really does deserve something to wear...

I have so many ideas for her.  :)



  1. Aaaaargh! I wish you would stop sewing outfits that make me want dolls I don't collect!!! It's the armlets: Love love love! Can we have a really close-up pic please? :)

    1. I'll send a pic by email :) I'm crazy about armlets... making them takes so long though!

  2. Stunning.... I love the armlets... well really I love the whole thing!!! You can't beat a bit of cotton lawn to sew with!! At least Gracie's getting an outfit for Christmas... the Patience tribe are expecting something new... whether they get it is another matter!!!!!

    1. We love armlets here, lol. I do love sewing with this stuff. I actually made Gracie a pair of tights today - I find tights so hard to get right, but I nailed them at the second draft. Woo-hoo!

      Tell the Patience bunch that they'll have to wait for the January sales. ;)

    2. They're not impressed at having to wait... don't tell them the postie brought some sparkly red and green yarn today.... I see Christmas jumpers and leggings.... whether they'll get them is another matter...... Off topic and back to coats... and brushed cotton fabric - my friend said what about a pillowcase if you want more colours... so I bought a set of aubergine pillowcases and I think it's the right thickness.. so watch this space for a purplish version of the coat!!!!

    3. Ooh, sparkly. My lips are sealed. ;)

      I was looking at pillowcases too! It seemed a good option price-wise. Now I want aubergine pillow cases... *runs to look*


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