Friday, 2 December 2016

Evangeline outfit

Another drive by for today.

Am making something purty for Evangeline and friends.   the bodice is done... it's SO hard to sew around the large bosom of these 18" girls.

Excuse my appalling photography, do.  My hands are a bit shakier than usual today.

evangeline ghastly patterns

Here's a better shot.   The frill around the bottom of the petticoat is the same fabric as the bodice. It looks darker because I've damp-styled the petticoat.

evangeline sewing patterns

Once the dress is made and the shoulder ruffle has been added, I'm hoping it will divert the eyes from the boobage - which really sorta screams at you...

I have no idea why Wilde decided to make the bust so large on this body.  I don't think any other Evangeline body has such enormous knockers. Still, I love the body on these dolls, so I'll just go about my business and make them look fabulous.  This will eventually be a new Evangeline Ghastly sewing pattern, but I want to work out the best way to make the dress, and create a great fit, before I start photographing and publishing.



  1. Looking good so far.....I think the boobage looks worse because she has such a tiny waist! I'm sure she'll look fabulous once you've finished! Right back to the outfit to go under the coat.....

    1. Yes, this is true about the waist, it's very skinny. The dress is coming along nicely.

      That's the trouble with making coats. One HAS to make an outfit to go underneath!

    2. Indeed.... I'm currently in the process of uploading pics to flickr... sadly they don't really do the coat and hat justice... I love this pattern! Keep an eye out for them!!

    3. I just logged in and ran straight over to Flickr. I love that red! It's fabulous. The whole outfit is gorgeous. I do like those colours together. :)


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