Saturday, 10 December 2016

Kaye Wiggs clothing - my Gracie.

It's been lovely to be able to settle down and start creating something for this beautiful doll to wear.  I can't get over how well thought out the body is, and how lovely the resin is finished.   Still, I've raved over Gracie in other posts, this time the clothes are the thing.

I like to start with basics.  Things like tights and leotards.  Mostly because when I'm using dark or bright dyed fabrics, I like to protect the doll from potential staining with some pale undergarments. This is such and expensive doll, I'm a bit more precious with her than I am even with my other resin dolls.

I went for pale candy pink, as it looks so good with her grey wig.

Cuddly soft viscose jersey with Lycra, the fabric is super-stretchy and can be bought easily online from Tia Knight, or even Ebay.

Everything here is sewn by hand with back stitch, which is naturally a really good stretch stitch.

ooak kaye wiggs clothes

Usually, it takes many attempts to get dolly tights right.  I often have to make five or six pairs, tweaking each time.  This time, I was dead chuffed to get them right only on the second attempt.  Yay me.

I find these even harder than shaped bodices and sleeves.  Every single stretch jersey varies from the next, so making a pattern that fits feet, length of legs, and roundness of bottom all at once, in potentially different fabrics is HARD.  

These are looking pretty cute though. You can see where the waist lies under the leotard.  These don't actually need waist elastic, especially if the leotard is worn over them,  but a couple of strands of shirring elastic could easily be run around the waist casing if desired.

kaye wiggs tights

And the leotard I was able to adapt easily from my Iplehouse JID girl leotard pattern.  I got it right first time.  Huzzah.

It's a lovely fit in this extra stretchy soft jersey, even over the tights. Sorry about the moire effect in this photo, it's hard to get rid of when editing photos.

kaye wiggs leotard

And another shot, just because she's so adorable. In my view, those eyes are a little googly, I'm having trouble getting them in exactly right. They're actually grey glass eyes, but look a little green when worn with the grey wig.

kaye wiggs sewing patterns

I think to make this an outfit, and publish it as my first Kaye Wiggs sewing pattern, I'll make a little wrap-around cardigan, like dancers wear, and maybe some legwarmers.   It'll be a nice cosy winter set for the doll, that can also be worn in summer.



  1. Tess I just adore <3 your first outfit for her. Fits perfect like a glove. Did you make her wig too? I absolutely love it too!!

    1. Why, hello thar. :) Thanks so much, I'm so pleased with it. I can't believe I got the leotard right first time!

      Yes, I did make the wig, there's another blog post with a couple of wigs I've recently made her.

  2. Gracie... you look so cute.... yes I was picturing it with a wrap around cardi too... maybe a bit of netting for a ballet skirt as well! I do love Gracie... she's such a sweetie... right cake to marzipan and then blanket to continue crocheting... still no time for christmas outfits ... just don't tell Patience!!!!

    1. I'm not a fan of tutus, but I know a lot of people like them, so I am considering it. I think I have some net somewhere! Buried in the boxes of doom with the rest of my stash.

      Ooh yum, marzipan. I shall not breathe a word to Patience ;)


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