Friday, 23 December 2016

SSP-043: Sewing Pattern for Kaye Wiggs dolls.

As promised - and sorry it's taken a while - my first Kaye Wiggs sewing pattern!   This one is specifically for the 43cm body, also known as the Mei Mei body.

I have no idea if any of the garments will fit the 45cm MSD body - but for those of you who have dolls with both bodies - I'd welcome any feedback on that. It may help other people who ask for sizing information.

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kaye wiggs sewing pattern

First we have the tights. No elastic required:

kaye wiggs sewing pattern

And then the leotard.

kaye wiggs sewing pattern

This has two sleeve options. One has long regular sleeves, and with the other one, the sleeves extend into fingerless gloves.  These make it easy to slip the cardigan over the top.  (For the regular sleeves, if you hook the sleeve cuff over the thumb, and then pull on the cardi, that works too.

kaye wiggs sewing pattern

And of course, the lovely little wrap cardigan.   This is fully lined and also reversible.  I'm showing tow different cardis here, although it looks like the same one turned inside out.  You can tell they're different because the ties are different colours.

kaye wiggs sewing pattern

Last, the tutu.  I've made two here. One has six layers of tulle skirting, the other (with the dots)  has four layers.

kaye wiggs sewing pattern

This has been a blast.  I'm going to create something else for this lovely girl next, because my new patterns for KW girls page is looking a little empty.

Gracie is  so cute. I love taking pics of her.

kaye wiggs sewing pattern

In other news - Christmas seems to be happening. So all my love to the doll community. Thank you for supporting me and buying my patterns and outfits this year.  I appreciate the warmth and kindness of the dolly world people more than I can say. Have a very merry Christmas, and a fabulous New Year.

Loads of love from myself...  and Rufus!



  1. Gracie...what can I say you look gorgeous in the complete outfit - you're a very lucky girl!! Can't wait to see what you're wearing next!!

    Tess - Christmas wishes back at you from me and the tribe. Thank you for all the gorgeous patterns - I've enjoyed making them and the tribe certainly enjoy wearing them. Have a fabulous Christmas and best wishes for an even brighter 2017. Hugs from me, Patience and Ellowyne xxx

    1. She's a born model, lol.

      It's been a lovely year for my little business. I've kept my head above water and I'm so, so, grateful to the doll community for their friendliness and support. You've been utterly awesome, so thanks to you personally too.

      Hugs from all of us as well... I have something like 60 pairs of eyes watching me while I'm on the computer, so that's an awful lot of hugs. <3 Have a lovely yuletide and a fabulous 2017. xxx

  2. Merry Christmas to you and Rufus :-)!

    1. I was too fast to hit the "publish" button, I wanted to add: the complete outfit is lovely, love the cardigan! Gracie is a beautiful doll, her face-up is perfect :-).

    2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too!

      Glad you like the outfit! Gracie has her original face-up from Kaye Wiggs, it is very pretty. :)


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