Thursday, 22 December 2016

Tutu for Kaye Wiggs Mei Mei body.

I complained about handling tulle on Facebook, but now the tutus are finished, I take it back.   It's actually not that bad, trying to wrangle it into some kind of shape, and the tutus look lovely and pink and flouffy.

(Flouffy is totally a word. It's what we call our female cat, Titch. Princess Flouff.  She's a total powder puff, but I digress.)

This tutu has six layers of tulle, in different shades of pink, and it's a great shape.   Not bad for my first ever tutu.  Ever.  It's the sort of thing one can find lots of tutorials for, but I've never actually tried one, until now.

Kaye wiggs tutu
But mum.... I'm shy.

It was lovely and easy to make - once I'd gotten the hang of wrangling tulle, which will make a nice simple addition to the new pattern.

mei mei tutu
Ohh, okay.... but I want my cardi.

Lots of layers.  The second one I've made has 4 layers and I'll upload a pic of that once I've taken some shots of the outfit in general.

The top layer of this one looks white, but it's actually pink. The second layer is a deeper pink, and the lower layer is a bright fuchsia pink.  It looks better in real life than in these pics; which are not my best, I admit.  Just quick snaps in the midst of cutting and sewing.

sewing patterns for kaye wiggs

Oi mum! Where's my cardi?

So now I have two complete outfits, and need to get on with scanning all the pattern pieces, so I can get it published.  

And then I have a dozen more ideas for outfits for this gal.  Which is way better than no ideas at all.

I've seen a couple of other Kaye Wiggs girls for sale, and I'm really taken with one of them. Soooo tempting but I really must resist, or I'll whittle my savings down to nothing.  And that would be bad.



  1. Wrangling tulle... yep that's just about what you have to do.... looking fab Gracie!! I'm loving that tutu... but we want to see the whole outfit!! Right back to Patience.... I've made one complete jumper and two that still need sleeves... only another three to go...and then they need leggings or tights... better crack on!!!

    1. I'm going to photograph the full outfit today, after procrastinating for like three days. Oh my days, it sounds like they're keeping you busy!

  2. Hi, I'm a new follower, I really like your blog. I like the word flouffy as well :-). The tutu is lovely, with the many layers.

    1. Hello! thanks for the follow, I don't seem to have many. :p

      Flouffy is the new frou-frou. Thanks for the kind words. I've never used tulle before, so it was a bit of a challenge.


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