Thursday, 15 December 2016

Wrapover cardigan for Kaye wiggs Gracie.

It took a couple of attempts, but the little cardi I wanted is now the perfect fit.   Here's my cutie patootie to model.

She's a little shy.  I'm sure that  won't last.

kaye wiggs clothes

This fabric is viscose stretch jersey from Tia Knight fabrics.  They sell this gorgeous soft and stretchy fabric, which I love to use.   It has a great 4-way stretch.  A word to the wise though, the marl fabrics in the range, charcoal, denim and the light grey marl only have 2-way stretch.  The solids have the 4-way stretch though, in abundance.    They're a little slinky to sew, but manageable.

I'll be using some Spoonflower cotton Lycra jersey for the next version. It's 4-way stretch but a little 'firmer' than the viscose I've used here.  They also do a 'modern jersey' which is polyester and has a fantastic stretch.

Here's a less obstructed view.  It's quite easy to get the cardi sleeves on over the leotard sleeves. I've left enough room, and if you hook the leotard cuff over the thumb, then put on the cardi, it slips on easily.  You do need to ease the cuff over her fingers though.

kaye wiggs cardigan

And a closer shot.  The cardigan can be tied in back for a neater look, but the ties are long and stretchy enough to tie a bow at the front.

kaye wiggs wrap

And from the back - I'm very pleased with the fit of the leotard over her bum. 

handmade kaye wiggs

Now to make the whole outfit over again.   My process is to make one outfit for a doll, and get the fit absolutely right.   Then I make another outfit, photographing each step.  then it's editing of photos. So much editing. So many photos!

After that, I write up all the instructions in a document, scan the pattern pieces and make sure they print out exactly the right size. Then I publish the pattern online as a digital download.  it's very time-consuming, but at least once a pattern is available, it's there for as long as people want to buy a copy.

A friend suggested a tutu to go with this look... I'm not sure I have any net, but I could always use some of my favourite cotton voile.  It would look quite cute with this, I think.  I'm not a fan of tutus, but I know a lot of people like them, and they're a very easy garment to make for a doll. So expect to see one, at some point.  :)



  1. Absolutely love this Tess!

    1. Thank you! :) It's so cosy for winter, and can be used for a dance costume, or just snuggly winter wear. I also like to put pale leotards and tights under outfits, when using dark or bright fabrics, to protect the doll from staining.

  2. Gorgeous - that's Gracie and the cardi! Lovely fit on her! Yes Tia Knight is fab for fabrics - I got an order in the post today.. the Patience tribe are hoping that it's for them... maybe... we'll have to wait and see... roll on tomorrow lunchtime and then I'm on holidollydays for two weeks!!!!

    1. Thanks Trish! Yes, I love Tia Knight. I spend lots of money there! Yay for two weeks off work! I hope you get plenty of creative time <3


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