Wednesday, 4 January 2017

OOAK winter set for Ellowyne Wilde

Lets start off 2017 with a stunner shall we?

This fabulous outfit took a lot of work, but as always for me it's a labour of love.  This dress is the gem of the collection IMO.  I'm just so in love with the fabric.  The print fell just right on all the pattern pieces and looks so pretty on the doll, that I didn't want to add a waist trim and break up the flow.

In my Etsy shop:

Here she is looking fabulous, as ever:

ooak ellowyne outfit

It's so sad that Ellowyne is being discontinued.  She's one of my favourite dolls ever, and I love just how versatile she is.  She can wear anything.   I keep threatening to make a dress out of a binliner and duck tape to prove the point.  but never quite get around to it...

ellowyne coat set

It's a six piece outfit, recorded here for posterity.  I'm fond of all the pieces, not just the dress. those gloves are so cute. The dress looks longer in the pics than it actually is. I couldn't get the camera angle right.  The picture of the petticoat below gives a better idea.  The hem is just below the calf and above the ankles.

ellowyne wilde

And when summer comes around again,  She'll still look great.

dress for ellowyne wilde

I want a hat like this.

And one more, because she looks so pretty in this blonde wig.

So. Next, I'll be going back to the next Kaye Wiggs pattern.  I'm still working on it.   Because I have to draft all the garments from scratch, it does take a bit of time. Then I have to make a couple of different variations, just to see which works best.  After I've made a couple of successful outfits (not counting all my working toiles) I then have to make yet another one, so I can methodically photograph every step.

I ...also have a new idea for 2017.    I might tease you with it for a bit. I'm not sure if I can pull it off yet, but hopefully....  hopefully...



  1. I LOVE this, particularly the dress fabric choice and the coat! Beautiful work, as usual!

    1. Thanks Angela. I'm glad of how it all pulled together once I'd finished all the details.

  2. I LOVE this outfit! The hat is wonderful, the coat has the perfect length and model in combination with the dress.
    I'm so sorry to hear that the Ellowyne line is going to get discontinued! Ellowyne's face is one of the most beautiful Tonner has ever made in my opinion. I also really liked that Ellowyne was available with flat feet as well. What a pity!
    I look forward to read more about your new idea :-)!

    1. Thank you! :) Yes, it's sad to say goodbye to Ell. I prefer all the Wilde Imagination dolls to the actual Tonner website dolls. But there it is. Onwards and upwards, we hope.

  3. Gorgeous....just my colours...perfect for a summmer wedding! Still sad that there will be no more Ellowyne or Patience. At least I've got a large selection of Ells to make things for and I've not caught up on all your patterns yet as the Patience tribe keep reminding me (such demanding girls!!) Oooh something new... sounds exciting and intriguing... I'll look out for teasers!!!

    1. I took your advice about the floaty dress, so she does look (I hope) as if she's off to a wedding. The naughty girl is upstaging the bride. I'll miss Patience and Ell most of all, and now Evangeline, as I've started to enjoy sewing for her more. Ah well. Lets hope people who own them will still want to sew for them.

    2. Well I'll still be sewing for Patience and Ell!! I'm pretty sure that people who own them will still want to sew or buy clothes for them especially if no new outfits are being produced. I love that dress...beautifully floaty - I may have to try and create an outfit a bit like that - I'm sure I've got something in the stash that will work!!!!

    3. This is what i'm hoping... and that's a really good point about there being no new outfits made by Wilde.

      Oh yes, give it a try, I'd love to see what you come up with. I always love your colour and fabric combinations.

  4. Absolutely beautiful ensemble, another of those outfits that makes me wish I had this doll!
    Can't wait to see what your new idea entails :)
    I can't seem to find how to comment using my buddy icon thingy....

    1. Thanks Anj. :)
      We'll see how the thing pans out.
      Blogger goes a bit weird sometimes. Are you signed in?


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