Friday, 13 January 2017

SSP-044: New sewing pattern for Kaye Wiggs dolls.

Blimey, I'm on a roll. I hadn't expected to finish the publishing the new Kaye Wiggs  sewing pattern today, but as I have, I may as well go for it.

This one is an adorable cosy winter ensemble for Kaye Wiggs girls with the Mei Mei (43cm) body. It has two lengths of sweater, leggings, skirt, and legwarmers.   You can put the outfit over the leotard and tights of pattern SSP-043, or use it without.   The leotard and tights are not included in this pattern, but the two patterns have so many separates, that they can be mixed and matched to your hearts content.

Again - if anyone has the 45cm MSD body as well as the Mei Mei, I'd love to know which bits will fit that other body.

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kaye wiggs sewing pattern

I seem to have more socks in my stash than in my actual sock drawer. I love buying socks specifically for my stash... and seem to have rather a lot now...

The sweater patterns use the sock welts for collar and cuffs, but the collar and cuffs can easily be cut from the same 4-way stretchy jersey as the leggings. One is tunic length, and the other is a regular sweater length.  This shorter sweater is cut wide towards the hem end, so that the waistband of the skirt isn't prominent.

sewing pattern for kaye wiggs

The leggings.  They look cute with any outfit.

kaye wiggs leggings

For the skirt here, I've made two skirts and am using one as a petticoat.  I do like my layers.

kaye wiggs sewing pattern

Although the leotard is not included in the pattern, if you do have pattern SSP-043, you can use the collar piece of the sweater to add a collar to the leotard.  This is useful if you're using a dark fabric for the sweater collar and want to protect your doll from staining. I've included a short passage telling you how to do it.

Here's the leotard from SSP-043, with the collar from the sweater in this new pattern, SSP-044.

kaye wiggs sewing pattern

So that's it for now.  Next, I'm planning a dress for Gracie, and after that, I feel something for either Patience, Ellowyne, or Evangeline.  I have something in mind for Evie actually... hmm...



  1. How cute is Gracie in that pastel stripe outfit.... who could resist her!!!! Lovely pattern! It's the weekend hurrah...... more blankie stripes and maybe the outfit for Ell I never started last week... fingers crossed it's nice and bright tomorrow so I can see to sew!!!

    1. It suits her so well, and tones with the wig! I see you're planning blankies, this is good. I may be working along similar lines.. ;)


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