Sunday, 29 January 2017

SSP-045: Sewing pattern for Kaye Wiggs dolls.

As promised - and I know it's taken me a while - here's a dress pattern for Kaye Wiggs girls.  this is fitted to the 43cm Mei Mei body, and is beautifully modelled by my lovely Gracie.

Again - if anyone has the 45cm MSD body as well as the Mei Mei, I'd love to know which bits will fit that other body.

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If you wish to buy directly from me,  I can supply a PayPal invoice and email the pattern to you within 24 hours of payment.  Usually it will be faster than that, I'm just allowing for the potential differences in time zones.  

Email for a PayPal invoice:
Please state which pattern(s) you require, and which paper size you print on, A4 or U.S. Letter (USL.)

If you do buy from me by email, and you live in the EU, the rules state that I don't have to charge you VAT as it's a direct sale.  So I won't. Isn't that useful?

Etsy will charge EU customers VAT (This does not affect America or other non-EU countries).  I always recommend people to look in my Craftsy store anyway, as the prices fluctuate, due to the international exchange rates.  I always recommend comparing prices.

These are lovely soft feminine dresses, similar to the Patience sewing pattern (SSP-041.)  They're so much fun to make and look lovely when finished.

And I've added a petticoat option for both dresses. You know me and my layers.   The petticoat uses the lining pieces for the dresses.   In fact, if the skirts seem a bit daunting, or if you want a quick and easy pattern, you can easily use the lining pieces as the skirt panels and make much simpler dresses.

The bodice and shoulder straps are generous enough that the dress can be fitted over a leotard too, as a pinafore.

As I produce more patterns, most of them will be compatible with each other.  That is the bodices should fit skirts from other patterns, and vice versa.

This is my first Kaye Wiggs dress, and I have lots of other ideas.  I do feel the need to make something for Ell again next, and for Blythe.  I'm asked for more Blythe patterns all the time and really need to start responding to requests a bit.

It's hard to accept requests, as making items to order really plays up my anxiety and I just get too stressed/ill to produce anything.  I do take people's requests on board though, and while I make no promises, I will endeavour to eventually publish the items I've been asked for.

In other news, I'm really enjoying the knitting, and I've actually made my first crochet cardigan for a doll!   I love crochet, but it's not a strong skill of mine.   I've only ever crocheted one people-sized item that's more than a rectangle, and now, three doll-sized items. (I made a dress and hat for Ell years back. They look nice but contain too many mistakes to be saleable.)  Most of my crochet in the past has just been samples of stitches and scarves.

This could be good for the customer though.  If I have to make my first crochet patterns nice and easy - they'll be very simple to follow, and will be of benefit to the beginner.

Do forgive my musings.  Although if you can't muse on your blog, then where can you?



  1. Carry on musing - it's your blog so do what you want! Lovely dress - Gracie looks cute - I particularly like the green version! I liked the crochet dress and hat you made for Ell - it's how I found you :) Crochet cardi sounds nice - I've tried to make a few... my problem is I can write patterns I understand but I doubt anyone else would! So despite many requests I don't think I'll be selling my crochet patterns anytime soon. Totally understand the thing about requests - it's so much easier to do what you want rather than what someone else wants it's just added pressure!! Looking forward to what you make next especially if it's for Ell... still making the coat and dress combo just pants light the last couple of weekends and a brain that doesn't seem to want to function.... at least the crochet blankie is easy!!!

    1. I shall muse with impunity then ;) I still have the dress and hat. I must try to make a better one, but I've lost the pattern. I had several dolly knit and crochet patterns that I can't find now. which is sad.

      I'll show the crochet cardi soon. It's so cute, and in a mesh stitch. Id love one myself.

      With writing patterns - I do that! I can write a pattern in my own gibberish and totally understand it all. When I sit down to type it all out like a proper knitting pattern, it's quite a struggle. Hence I put photos and knitters graphs in, just to help any beginners out a bit.

      Yes, inspiration has to strike, and if you're not 'feeling' a particular doll or idea, forcing it can just end up with poor results - or feeling unwell.

      For Ell, I'll make a version of this dress I think. She'd look so lovely in something like it. Oh dear, sorry about the brain not functioning so well. I'm of the age now where the menopause is hitting - so I often have really bad brain days. And so many senior moments it's not funny. Except when it is, lol! Hurrah for nice blankie-type projects when one doesn't want to have to think, or do maths...

    2. I think Ell would look lovely in a version of this dress.... well Ell looks good in most things to be fair!! Shame you've lost your knit and crochet patterns... I have a journal that I've written a lot of patterns down in but I'm very good at making something and then remembering later that I never wrote it down doh!!!

    3. She does indeed. I actually paid for the crochet patterns, so it's a bit annoying. I now realise I've yet to go through some of my papers and stuff so they may yet turn up. I do that too! I end up knitting away and realise I haven't written anything down. Such is the love of textile crafts!


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