Monday, 9 January 2017

Tunic sweater outfit for Kaye Wiggs MSD (43cm)

I've been having fun developing and fitting garments to Gracie.  Soon she'll have a whole wardrobe.

This cosy and colourful outfit is ideal for these winter months.. especially with all the snow forecast later in the week.

Up for grabs in my Etsy shop:

I do love legwarmers with boots, so I put a pair on the dolly to see how it looks.  I love it! And it's kind of hard to sell this outfit, but there it is.

Without the boots, you can see the tights.  the leotard and tights are included, and make extra sure your doll is protected from any potential staining.

This outfit doesn't show the hat and scarf, but they are included. Unlike the boots.... don't ask me to sell the boots.

Here's a closer picture of the leotard.  I made a turtle collar to protect the doll's neck from any risk of the purple fabric staining anything.  it shouldn't anyway, because it's all commercially fixed, but I'm always uber-careful since I inadvertently got a couple of my Ellowyne's stained. Eeek.

And a view of the leggings with legwarmers, and of just the leggings.  These stretch fabrics are nice and thin, so look great layered on the doll. The sweater/legwarmers fabric is a bit thicker, but I think the scale works beautifully. It looks like proper dolly-sized knitwear.

So that's that for now.

I return to my pattern-drafting for the new Kaye Wiggs pattern, so watch this space.  It's so cold here in January, I can't think about doing pretty frocks just yet.



  1. Awww Gracie you look lovely!! Love the outfit and especially those legwarmers... You're all ready now if it snows!!!(Please could it wait until Friday night after I've done my weekly shop if it is going to snow!!) I know what you mean about it being the wrong time of year for frocks! I'm back on the crochet blanket again... I've only been making this one for two years!!

    1. Oh yes all ready to make a snowman. (Ugh, snow. I'll keep everything crossed for your shopping night.) I do love frocks, but I bought all these brand new socks, some of which found their way into my sock drawer, but most of them pristine and untouched in my stash. So they have to be used up.

      Oh my gosh two years! Will you finish it this year?

    2. Yes I should do - I've only got 30 rows left to do! Then I have to make a matching one for the other bed in the spare room!! I'm also doing a crochet a long blanket and then I want to do one for my bed... you can never have too many blankets lol!! So the jumper and legwarmers started out as socks.... good idea...

    3. 30 rows is great... but wow, you've got your work cut out for you! Although yes, one can never have too many blankies. :)


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