Friday, 24 February 2017

SSP-046: Sewing pattern for Ellowyne.

I may be over-optimistic here, but it really won't be long until Spring is upon us, so I've made a version of the Two dresses pattern for Ellowyne.   Very girlie and pretty!

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The petticoat in this pattern is a little different, and can easily be used as a third option for the dress skirt.  So it's three dresses in one, really.

As ever, it's a bit awkward to get the angle right in the photograph, to show the actual length of the dress. It's ankle length, and here are a couple of better views.

(When photographing dolls, I find that unless you can get their heads to look down, and you get the angle wrong, they look as if they're staring up at the sky,  which is a thing with me.  annoys me no end when my dolls look like startled horses in my pictures. Hence I tend to take snaps looking down on them slightly, which makes skirts look longer than they actually are. OCD. I has it.)

And here's one of my lovely Saffie, purely because she looks so pretty in this wig.

I have several ideas for the next pattern currently.  I'm sort of itching to attempt something steampunk, but I also have a delightful dress and bloomers idea for Kaye Wiggs MSDs.

I think the bloomers are winning though....


Sunday, 19 February 2017

More Wiggs wigs.

We have another wigfest this weekend.   I do enjoy making them, and as I needed a couple of days off, I've just been buried in faux fur and sewing away.

Gracie's wigs were fun and successful, but when Layla arrived it was clear her head is a fair bit smaller.   She did come with a pretty lavender wig, but it's a very long wig, and wrangling Rapunzel hair gets old really fast.   So what I've done is order far too many wigs than I have money for on Ebay.  (My credit card hates me.)   They all come from Asia though and rather than sit and wait, I made some faux fur ones to tide Layla over.

A girl has to have great hair, after all.

this bought wig did arrive fairly quickly.  It looks cuter in real life than in this not very good photo. I love short hair on girl dolls, but I want something to compliment her skintone better.

Now I mention skintone/resin colour, this Layla was sold to me as a 'Lilac Layla',  but her skin is actually a warm pinky grey. These lilac dolls are meant to be rare, but I'm not sure this doll is one of these.  She might just be a plain grey doll... but I don't know enough about the Kaye Wiggs dolls to really know for sure.

I don't mind, because I got her for a good price.  I just wish I knew for sure.

Now I've gone off at a tangent, on with the wigs.
This is the first I made. It's a gorgeous quality fake fur, with 50-50mm pile.  The colour is called Oyster and looks grey here, but it's actually a warm pinky grey, and is almost exactly the same tint as her resin.

They're fun to style these fur wigs, and I tweaked this one into a pleasant enough shape.

But! I do love to see those ragamuffin bunches in a doll's hair.  So I made a second wig, with a tiny sliver of pink fur sewn into the wig, and added bunches.  I think she looks fab.  Little scruff.

The oyster fur is lovely, but shorter than some of the furs I've used in the past.    So I've made a grey wig, exactly the same as Gracie's grey one, only the skull size fits Layla.  this is more of a 'true' grey, you can see how different it looks on Layla.  It actually makes her look more lilac.

The bunches are a wild nightmare to sew into a wig.  The thread catches every tine little fibre and you get horrible tangles. So what I've done with mine is just to pin them to the wigs once on the doll.  You have to be a bit careful not to scratch the resin underneath, and just get the pin into the wig itself, but the faux fur wigs are pretty thick; and if you're gentle it's very easy to do.

That way, you can re-position your bunches to your heart's content.

I like Layla's elf ears. It's much easier to tuck the hair behind them and tweak it into style than the human ears Gracie has.  Both girls are fabulous in their own way though.

I'm still fiddling, so I'm off now to make more detachable bunches for all the wigs that don't have them.....  wish me luck.


Sunday, 12 February 2017

Kaye Wiggs 43cm (17") and 45cm (18") body sizing post.

Now I have my Layla on the 45cm (18" MSD) body, I've been trying on the 43cm (17" Mei-Mei) sized clothing to find out what fits.

Okay, all this stuff is made for the 43cm/17" body specifically, so it all fits that body beautifully.

This is what fits the 45cm/18" body and the alterations you'd have to make.

First up is pattern SSP-043: The ballet/dance wear.

The leotard fits the longer 45cm/18" body surprisingly well.  As long as you use the recommended very stretchy 4-way stretch jersey with Lycra.

It's a little roomy at the shoulders and upper torso, but does look nice on the doll.

From the back you can see the roominess.  It's a decent fit though.  A Facebook friend reports that her leotard was 1/2" too big in the waist for her 45cm/18".  And that the body length as a whole is also 1/2" longer.

The wraparound cardigan fits too, and is designed to fit over the leotard.  It is a little broad in the shoulders though.  Although this fabric is uber-soft and really gives.  A slightly firmer stretch fabric might fit better.

The tutu fits perfectly though, over the leotard.  You should fit the waistband to whichever doll it's going to be worn by, when you come to sew on the snap.  The higher up your tutu is going to sit on the doll's waist, the longer you should make the skirt length.  By about 1/2" to 3/4".

As for the tights - no dice.  The red dot shows where the doll's actual crotch is.  I think you'd need to lengthen the leg by about 3/4".

Now for SSP-044:

The leggings are fine as they are. You could lengthen them according to personal taste.

The skirt - as with the SSP-043 tutu, fit the skirt waistband to the doll before you sew on the snaps.

The leggings look great, despite the 45cm/18" derriere being narrower than the 43cm/17".  This fabric is the uber soft kind again, and a firmer stretch jersey would work just as well.   I measured the legs at exactly 3/4" too short, so you'd need to lengthen them by adding that amount to the hem.  Although I'd consider adding a whole inch if using a firmer stretch fabric.

The sweaters, surprisingly, are perfect.  Even at the shoulders. But this is sock fabric, which is super-stretchy, so tends to accommodate a wider range of sizes than most fabrics. Again, you may wish to add some length to the bottom hem. Around 1/2" to 3/4" should do it.

Next, the dresses and petticoat in SSP-045:

Again, as the tutu (SSP-043) and the skirt (SSP-044) Fit the waistband to the doll before sewing on snaps.

As for the dress - it looks nice on the doll (albeit shorter) but...

Those two bottom snaps do not want to fasten.  There is a bit of room for adjustment at the top of the bodice, but a bit less at the lower edge of the bodice.

You'd need to add a little to the bodice back edges - about 1/8" to make a better overlap, and fit the bodice to the doll like it shows you in the pattern instructions, before sewing on the snaps.

Here's a better idea of length.  It's still a very nice length on the 45cm/18" body.  Which is reported by my Facebook friend as having legs that are a whole inch longer than the 43cm/17".

You could add a whole extra ruffle and insert to the length of this skirt, but you'd have to remember to lengthen the centre panel by the same amount.

And as for the outfit which has been listed in my Etsy store, The picot cardigan fits the 45cm/18" too. It's just a shame about the snaps on the dress.   The picot cardigan will be the next knitting pattern I publish.

Lastly, the knitting pattern KP-001:

Both the sweater and the cardigan fit the 45cm/18" body really nicely.   You could add a few rows to the body length if you wanted. I'd add 6 to 8 rows personally.  The sleeves are fine, because both doll bodies have the same length of arms.

That's it.  Fortunately, I only have four patterns that this post applies to.  As I create more, I'll include sizing for both doll bodies as a matter of course.

I'll be happy to answer any questions in the comments.  :)


Tuesday, 7 February 2017

KP-002: Knitting pattern for Ellowyne Wilde

I've enjoyed taking up knitting again, and after my first pattern for Kaye Wiggs girls, I had to make something for Ellowyne.  This is a fine knit in 2 ply. I love the scale of very fine yarns on dolls.

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If you do buy from me by email, and you live in the EU, the rules state that I don't have to charge you VAT as it's a direct sale.  So I won't.

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*Etsy will charge EU customers VAT (This does not affect America or other non-EU countries).  I always recommend people to look in my Craftsy store anyway, as the prices fluctuate, due to the international exchange rates.  I always recommend comparing prices.

1 ball of Schachenmayr (SMC) Suavel 2 ply yarn will make both these items with plenty to spare.

Pair US size 000. UK size 16 (Metric 1.50mm)
Pair US size 0. UK size 14 (Metric 2.0mm)

I took some time to play around with this one, especially with the roll-neck version. It can be worn without a snap at the collar itself or with.   The first pic below shoes the standard roll-neck look with a snap sewn onto the collar at the back.  The second pic shows the look without a snap. Sort of like a back-to-front turn down collar, which gives a sort of vintage feel.


Then I tried turning them back to front, not expecting them to work, because the backs and fronts are shaped with the neckline being higher at back than in front.  But they do work quite nicely.

The sweaters fasten with snaps, but because they look good as cardigans, I've included options for making a buttonhole front piece, if you prefer buttons on a cardi.

Next up will be a little cardi for Kaye Wiggs again.  A few people have asked me for the pattern for this. It's the aqua  one that accompanies the dress here:  So that will be my next project.   (The crochet cardi and hat for the second outfit will be a long time coming, I'm afraid. I made it all up as I went along, and crochet isn't my strong point, but I'll try and devise something similar.)

That's it for now.   I have a couple of new patterns already in the pipeline, so watch this space. :)


Sunday, 5 February 2017

More outfits for Kaye Wiggs girls.

I've been primping, prissing, crocheting, all sorts, to complete these gorgeous little outfits for Kaye Wiggs dolls.

Now both up for grabs in my Etsy Shop:

Also - I'm now selling on eBay.  But eBay don't allow selling of digital products.  So having looked into it, my patterns contain a lot of pages, and printing them out will cost more in ink than it's worth. I also need my time to design and sew, and don't want to be sat around printing up dozens of patterns.

Hence, I now sell the patterns on eBay, on a CD disc.  You can pick and choose one or more patterns, and all will be posted to you on a single CD.   This means I can keep the costs down - I don't make a charge for the CDs, just the patterns and standard postage.  The beauty of this is, if the packages do go astray, nothing precious is lost. I can simply make another CD and post it out.

My eBay items for sale page is here:  (There's a link in my right hand blog column too, with my other links, a little way down.)

But now, on with the pretties!

I adore the ruffle dress in the first outfit.  I'd have loved this as a child, and even as a younger adult. But then ruffles are fab.

ooak kaye wiggs outfit

The knit took a while, as I drafted the design from scratch, but was so worth the effort. And I love the little mules.  I do like making shoes. Lots of work though.  They have to be constructed carefully to look neat.

The dress is instantly recognisable as one of those from pattern SSP-045.  So will end up sort of famous.  Sort of.  It'll be viewed by lots of people for a long time yet.

kaye wiggs dress

One of my pastimes is to design fabrics.  It's what I trained for at art college many years ago, and still enjoy it.   The dress is made from cotton lawn with my own print designs.

And now, the really special one.  I'm so in love with this set... it's so hard to part with, but with limited space and rent to pay, needs must.

Doesn't Gracie make a lovely picture? She's so photogenic.

Lots of sewing and crochet going on here.   Knitting and crochet takes so long, but then so does hand sewing at times!  Everything is decorated with little embellishments.. hand made by myself again.

Yet more pics:

I've started carrying her around with me.. and having her sit next to me.  I think I've mentioned that before. Kaye Wiggs are my grail dolls, and I'm so happy to own one. I can barely believe I've got another one on the way.

Details.  Details, details all the time.

Mesh garments can be a nightmare to get over dolly fingers, so I've included some satin dressing mitts.  The cardigan goes on SO much easier with these.

And finally, just because she's so pretty....

That's it for now.  I'm just going to keep sewing - something for Ellowyne next.  And possess my little soul in patience (no pun intended) while I wait for Layla to arrive.


Friday, 3 February 2017

Fabulous February: 10% off all items in my Etsy shop.

A quickie post, but one that I hope you'll like.

February is a bit of a quiet month for me, so to encourage people to get their patterns in early, I'm offering a 10% off coupon code for this month.   And as this has started slightly late - Feb 3rd - the coupon will last until March 3rd to make things a bit more fair.

When you go to my Etsy shop to buy a pattern, or dolly outfit, or any item at all, just enter


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Link to my Etsy shop:

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10% off raccoon's rags etsy

In other news, I've resorted to the jolly old credit card to buy another Kaye Wiggs doll.  This one is Lilac Layla - whom I understand is very rare.  She's coming from France, so no Customs charges to pay. Woo-hoo.  I can't wait.   She has the sweetest face and I just fell in love.

There will be pictures.

Oh yes.

So many pictures...

And of course patterns for the MSD (45cm) body.    Once I can afford a Tobi body, that will make my KW world complete - and will result in more patterns.  But that will only be after I've paid off the credit card.  Maybe November, if business is good.