Friday, 3 February 2017

Fabulous February: 10% off all items in my Etsy shop.

A quickie post, but one that I hope you'll like.

February is a bit of a quiet month for me, so to encourage people to get their patterns in early, I'm offering a 10% off coupon code for this month.   And as this has started slightly late - Feb 3rd - the coupon will last until March 3rd to make things a bit more fair.

When you go to my Etsy shop to buy a pattern, or dolly outfit, or any item at all, just enter


in the appropriate field on the checkout page. (You can cut and paste.  All capitals. No spaces.)

Link to my Etsy shop:

How to apply your coupon code:
10% off raccoon's rags etsy

In other news, I've resorted to the jolly old credit card to buy another Kaye Wiggs doll.  This one is Lilac Layla - whom I understand is very rare.  She's coming from France, so no Customs charges to pay. Woo-hoo.  I can't wait.   She has the sweetest face and I just fell in love.

There will be pictures.

Oh yes.

So many pictures...

And of course patterns for the MSD (45cm) body.    Once I can afford a Tobi body, that will make my KW world complete - and will result in more patterns.  But that will only be after I've paid off the credit card.  Maybe November, if business is good.



  1. Congrats on the KW doll - I'm looking forward to seeing her and huzzah for no customs fees!! It's the weekend ... double huzzahs - I may attempt to do some more of the coat.... or more of the blankie...or the knitted coat KAL for Ell I somehow got into......

    1. I'm looking forward to photographing her. I winder what the lilac resin looks like in real life. It seems very pretty in the photos. Excuse my ignorance, but.. KAL?

    2. KAL = Knit A Long... we all do the same pattern over the course of a month .... It's an interesting sideways construction.... at least going sideways I'll be able to try it for size as I go along!!! Lilac resin sounds pretty... but then you know me and my liking for all things purple!! I keep looking at the KW dolls... still not caved - haven't bought a doll since last August!!!!

    3. That sounds fun! I've made sideways sweaters for people in the past, but haven't been brave enough to try it on dolls yet! I'd love to see the finished article.

      I'm not that keen on coloured dolls, you can get grey ones, green ones, blue ones, but the lilac resin looks quite delicate and yes - it's lilac, lol! Well done for not caving! It's not easy. I'm thinking of selling a few of my resin dolls to pay for the Kaye Wiggs girls a bit. My credit card isn't so healthy now....


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