Tuesday, 7 February 2017

KP-002: Knitting pattern for Ellowyne Wilde

I've enjoyed taking up knitting again, and after my first pattern for Kaye Wiggs girls, I had to make something for Ellowyne.  This is a fine knit in 2 ply. I love the scale of very fine yarns on dolls.

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1 ball of Schachenmayr (SMC) Suavel 2 ply yarn will make both these items with plenty to spare.

Pair US size 000. UK size 16 (Metric 1.50mm)
Pair US size 0. UK size 14 (Metric 2.0mm)

I took some time to play around with this one, especially with the roll-neck version. It can be worn without a snap at the collar itself or with.   The first pic below shoes the standard roll-neck look with a snap sewn onto the collar at the back.  The second pic shows the look without a snap. Sort of like a back-to-front turn down collar, which gives a sort of vintage feel.


Then I tried turning them back to front, not expecting them to work, because the backs and fronts are shaped with the neckline being higher at back than in front.  But they do work quite nicely.

The sweaters fasten with snaps, but because they look good as cardigans, I've included options for making a buttonhole front piece, if you prefer buttons on a cardi.

Next up will be a little cardi for Kaye Wiggs again.  A few people have asked me for the pattern for this. It's the aqua  one that accompanies the dress here:  So that will be my next project.   (The crochet cardi and hat for the second outfit will be a long time coming, I'm afraid. I made it all up as I went along, and crochet isn't my strong point, but I'll try and devise something similar.)

That's it for now.   I have a couple of new patterns already in the pipeline, so watch this space. :)



  1. You are a very busy bee!! I do a like a top that can be worn both ways round - most of the jumpers I've made for Ell look great either way round. You're right about the fine yarns being more to scale but I sometimes struggle with those teeny tiny needles!!

    1. So busy. I have the day off today though. Yay for turn-around-able garments. :) The tiny needles are a bit fiddly - and then when I go back to standard DK and 4mm needles, they feel enormous!


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