Sunday, 5 February 2017

More outfits for Kaye Wiggs girls.

I've been primping, prissing, crocheting, all sorts, to complete these gorgeous little outfits for Kaye Wiggs dolls.

Now both up for grabs in my Etsy Shop:

Also - I'm now selling on eBay.  But eBay don't allow selling of digital products.  So having looked into it, my patterns contain a lot of pages, and printing them out will cost more in ink than it's worth. I also need my time to design and sew, and don't want to be sat around printing up dozens of patterns.

Hence, I now sell the patterns on eBay, on a CD disc.  You can pick and choose one or more patterns, and all will be posted to you on a single CD.   This means I can keep the costs down - I don't make a charge for the CDs, just the patterns and standard postage.  The beauty of this is, if the packages do go astray, nothing precious is lost. I can simply make another CD and post it out.

My eBay items for sale page is here:  (There's a link in my right hand blog column too, with my other links, a little way down.)

But now, on with the pretties!

I adore the ruffle dress in the first outfit.  I'd have loved this as a child, and even as a younger adult. But then ruffles are fab.

ooak kaye wiggs outfit

The knit took a while, as I drafted the design from scratch, but was so worth the effort. And I love the little mules.  I do like making shoes. Lots of work though.  They have to be constructed carefully to look neat.

The dress is instantly recognisable as one of those from pattern SSP-045.  So will end up sort of famous.  Sort of.  It'll be viewed by lots of people for a long time yet.

kaye wiggs dress

One of my pastimes is to design fabrics.  It's what I trained for at art college many years ago, and still enjoy it.   The dress is made from cotton lawn with my own print designs.

And now, the really special one.  I'm so in love with this set... it's so hard to part with, but with limited space and rent to pay, needs must.

Doesn't Gracie make a lovely picture? She's so photogenic.

Lots of sewing and crochet going on here.   Knitting and crochet takes so long, but then so does hand sewing at times!  Everything is decorated with little embellishments.. hand made by myself again.

Yet more pics:

I've started carrying her around with me.. and having her sit next to me.  I think I've mentioned that before. Kaye Wiggs are my grail dolls, and I'm so happy to own one. I can barely believe I've got another one on the way.

Details.  Details, details all the time.

Mesh garments can be a nightmare to get over dolly fingers, so I've included some satin dressing mitts.  The cardigan goes on SO much easier with these.

And finally, just because she's so pretty....

That's it for now.  I'm just going to keep sewing - something for Ellowyne next.  And possess my little soul in patience (no pun intended) while I wait for Layla to arrive.



  1. Fab outfits - love both the little cardigans - especially that mesh one... and I do like a cardi with a bit of a frill on it as well... Gracie is so adorable... and is definitely pretty as a picture in whatever she wears.. lets hope she gets on with Layla and doesn't mind sharing the clothes!!! I've nearly finished the shawl collar coat (I'm very excited about the collar fabric!) .... have done this week's blanket rows and I'm halfway through the knitted coat... not bad considering I've a stinking cold to contend with!!

    1. I like a frill or something, so I end up doing lots of picot edges! I'm not sure they can share clothes, the bodies seem to be different - which is my reasoning for buying Layla, so I can make patterns for both bodies. And not at all because I want a new doll. Nope.

      I'm so looking forward to seeing all the new bits you're making. Well done with the blankie, but sorry you've got a nasty cold. Get better soon xx


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