Sunday, 19 February 2017

More Wiggs wigs.

We have another wigfest this weekend.   I do enjoy making them, and as I needed a couple of days off, I've just been buried in faux fur and sewing away.

Gracie's wigs were fun and successful, but when Layla arrived it was clear her head is a fair bit smaller.   She did come with a pretty lavender wig, but it's a very long wig, and wrangling Rapunzel hair gets old really fast.   So what I've done is order far too many wigs than I have money for on Ebay.  (My credit card hates me.)   They all come from Asia though and rather than sit and wait, I made some faux fur ones to tide Layla over.

A girl has to have great hair, after all.

this bought wig did arrive fairly quickly.  It looks cuter in real life than in this not very good photo. I love short hair on girl dolls, but I want something to compliment her skintone better.

Now I mention skintone/resin colour, this Layla was sold to me as a 'Lilac Layla',  but her skin is actually a warm pinky grey. These lilac dolls are meant to be rare, but I'm not sure this doll is one of these.  She might just be a plain grey doll... but I don't know enough about the Kaye Wiggs dolls to really know for sure.

I don't mind, because I got her for a good price.  I just wish I knew for sure.

Now I've gone off at a tangent, on with the wigs.
This is the first I made. It's a gorgeous quality fake fur, with 50-50mm pile.  The colour is called Oyster and looks grey here, but it's actually a warm pinky grey, and is almost exactly the same tint as her resin.

They're fun to style these fur wigs, and I tweaked this one into a pleasant enough shape.

But! I do love to see those ragamuffin bunches in a doll's hair.  So I made a second wig, with a tiny sliver of pink fur sewn into the wig, and added bunches.  I think she looks fab.  Little scruff.

The oyster fur is lovely, but shorter than some of the furs I've used in the past.    So I've made a grey wig, exactly the same as Gracie's grey one, only the skull size fits Layla.  this is more of a 'true' grey, you can see how different it looks on Layla.  It actually makes her look more lilac.

The bunches are a wild nightmare to sew into a wig.  The thread catches every tine little fibre and you get horrible tangles. So what I've done with mine is just to pin them to the wigs once on the doll.  You have to be a bit careful not to scratch the resin underneath, and just get the pin into the wig itself, but the faux fur wigs are pretty thick; and if you're gentle it's very easy to do.

That way, you can re-position your bunches to your heart's content.

I like Layla's elf ears. It's much easier to tuck the hair behind them and tweak it into style than the human ears Gracie has.  Both girls are fabulous in their own way though.

I'm still fiddling, so I'm off now to make more detachable bunches for all the wigs that don't have them.....  wish me luck.



  1. I think I like Layla in the oyster and pink wig best! She's very cute though! What's that I spy behind Gracie and Layla.... pretty dresses .....could that be an Ellowyne arm I see??? I've finished something (it's been a while!) Knitted coat from the knit along and polo neck leotard and trews under it....from pattern 028 you know where the pics might be :)

    1. (I keep replying in the wrong place)

      The oyster shade could have been invented for her! I'm so glad I found the fabric. And yeeees, it might be a peachy hint of what's next for Ell. I'll be back at work tomorrow, so that's what I'll be working on. I'm just off to take a look at the coat now! Sounds fab.

    2. Now I've finished the knitalong maybe I can go back to the coat and dress as I so want to show off the coat as it worked out just as I saw it in my head!! Fingers were a bit too sore today to do sewing after my sewing marathon yesterday!!

    3. Ooh yes, I've been looking forward to seeing that. Isn't it lovely when that happens though? When it works just as you'd imagined. Although sore fingers = not so good.


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