Friday, 24 February 2017

SSP-046: Sewing pattern for Ellowyne.

I may be over-optimistic here, but it really won't be long until Spring is upon us, so I've made a version of the Two dresses pattern for Ellowyne.   Very girlie and pretty!

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The petticoat in this pattern is a little different, and can easily be used as a third option for the dress skirt.  So it's three dresses in one, really.

As ever, it's a bit awkward to get the angle right in the photograph, to show the actual length of the dress. It's ankle length, and here are a couple of better views.

(When photographing dolls, I find that unless you can get their heads to look down, and you get the angle wrong, they look as if they're staring up at the sky,  which is a thing with me.  annoys me no end when my dolls look like startled horses in my pictures. Hence I tend to take snaps looking down on them slightly, which makes skirts look longer than they actually are. OCD. I has it.)

And here's one of my lovely Saffie, purely because she looks so pretty in this wig.

I have several ideas for the next pattern currently.  I'm sort of itching to attempt something steampunk, but I also have a delightful dress and bloomers idea for Kaye Wiggs MSDs.

I think the bloomers are winning though....



  1. Squeeee.... that's just lovely .... love them both but especially like the fabric on the pink one! Looking forward to having a go at this one but I really do need to finish a few other things first and oh yes buy the pattern lol!! At least it's the weekend.......

    1. So happy you like the fabric. They're all of my own design! Those pinks are very pretty. I may make something for Patience using them, soon. Busy busy. I hope you get to enjoy your weekend. :)

    2. I thought they might be your designs - fab!! My Patience crew are sitting looking very sad... they want something new....I've told them this time they have to wait as it's Ellowyne's turn... You have a nice weekend too!!

    3. Poor girls, they're so neglected. Not! lol. I'll be kicking back to make petticoats and hats this weekend.


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