Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Handmade outfits for Patience Wilde.

Sometimes it's nice to just sit and sew, without having to stop after every seam, to take photos!  I took a break from the sewing patterns in order to make these three adorable little outfits for Patience.

First up is a traditional girlie outfit.  Old fashioned dress, pinny and hair bow.  I'm loving these fabrics, and that broderie anglaise trim.

Link: £40.00 at Etsy:

And as I love bloomers so very much, AND purple,  this one has both.  This wig is one I bought for my lilac Layla, and is totes not for sale.

Link: £35.00 at Etsy:

And to finish, something very sweet and girlie in pinks and blues.

Link: £35.00 at Etsy:

I'm not sure where to go next. There is a knitting pattern in development. Then, I do have a yearning for an Evangeline outfit, but I'd also like to make something for my Kaye Wiggs girls.   This means a new pattern, and I'm thinking it will be something like the second two outfits in this post.  I think Layla and Gracie would look so cute in these .

And of course that first one with the pinny.... that would look adorbs on the KW girls too...

Decisions, decisions.


Sunday, 26 March 2017

Weekend Playtime

I've bought a few new 12" dolls lately, and am steadily working my way through them, sorting out all the bad hair, and making the okay hair nice and glossy.

This one is a Mattel Black Label Tris doll, from Insurgent.  I have no idea what Insurgent or Divergent are, but I'm loving the pretty Tris sculpts.   Her hair wasn't great from the box, it was full of some weird flaky gel stuff, but I gave it a wash, and then trimmed it right back to give it that boyish shape she's supposed to have.  I was going to re-root her, but I love short hair on girls, so I'm not sure.

I may give her a short re-root, something like the Nu-Face Imogen London Mist doll below.  I've seen lots of pics of this doll with styled hair.  I've stopped buying Nu Face dolls, as I invariably don't like the hair (I'm so picky) and their heads are so gods-awful hard.  It's a pain re-rooting them.  Imogen is fabulous.   I have one, which I did in fact re-root, but broke so many re-root tools, I don't want to do any more.

Next these three.

Left:  This is a Barbie Friend, Fashionista. One of the new tall bodies. She has no waist which is a bit odd, just because a girl is tall doesn't mean she hasn't got a waist, but there we go.  She's this doll below,  I've called her Summer.  The fringe (bangs, if you're American) look good in the publicity pics, but from the box it was rigid with gel and too wide.  So I stripped out the front section and gave her a glossy new partial re-root.

Middle: This is a Disney Store Snow White Classic doll.  I just find the Snow White sculpt so darned pretty.  Her hair was cardboard too, and I'm not sure what type of hair it was, but her curls wouldn't relax even after a boil perm/straighten, so that all had to go and I gave her long straight almost-black locks.

I think I'll give her a flower-child look.  Something in Snow white's traditional colours maybe, or a complete revamp.   The Disney Princess heads are about the same size as My Scene barbies.   I'm in love with the sweet sculpt, and am tempted to get more, and give them different colour hair.  I wish the My Scene girls were this pretty.

Her hair is still wet here, so doesn't look as sleek and shiny as it should.

Right: Lastly, another Fashionista.  I think she's called Joyce.  I bought her because her picture looked different from her actual face. I'm not fond of the Barbie-type dolls with toothy smiles. They look a bit vacuous, so I'm not sure if I'll keep her.  But just for good measure, I used hot water to make her frizzy curls nice and soft and shiny.

She does however, have dimples. Which I sorta like.  It's just that she reminds me of regular barbie a bit too much.

I realise now, I thought it was this doll,  but I bought the wrong one.

I may take tomorrow (Monday) off to make some quick frocks for them, seeing as Friday was meant to be a day off, but I spent it filling in forms and doing stressful lifey stuff.  But then, I'm making some cute things for Patience, so it doesn't really feel like work at the moment.


Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Buying from the blog

Recently, I've amended the sales pages on this blog, so anyone purchasing can go directly through PayPal.   This is for the following reasons:

  • People often feel more secure, as PayPal is more widely known than Sellfy.

  • PayPal checkout is that bit more familiar.

  • Some customers have had issues downloading the patterns from Sellfy.

  • After PayPal checkout, I will email the digital patterns to customers directly. As this becomes a direct sale, I don't have to apply the ridiculously complex EU VAT. This means that EU customers can now order directly from the blog.

(Sample images only)

On each page, you will find 'Add to Cart' buttons under each pattern, and at the top a 'View Cart' button.

Once checkout has been cleared, I will email the pattern files directly within 24 hours.  Usually, I'm near my computer, so I can do it immediately.  However, due to time zones, if I'm in bed asleep when American, Canadian, Australian, etc, customers place an order, you will have to wait until I've logged in.  

I will do my utmost to keep to my "within 24 hours" pledge.  It should be no more than around 10 to 12 hours, and more usually, just a couple of minutes.

You can rest safe in the knowledge that I'm a reputable seller, with an excellent reputation in the doll community.   All sales listings are genuine. You pay your money, I will make sure you receive your pattern.


Sunday, 19 March 2017

Made to Move Barbie.

This weekends shenanigans were lots of fun.   On Saturday, I re-rooted a Katniss Everdeen doll, during which time, the blonde Barbie arrived in the post. So I did her too.  Two re-roots in one day! Go me.

Then today (Sunday) The skateboarder girl arrived.  It's such a novelty getting post on a Sunday. Thanks Amazon.   However skateboard girl had such lovely hair - and none of that disgusting Mattel glue (yay) so I just smoothed her hair a bit with a dip in some just-boiled water.

They all look lovely now, if you'll pardon the carnage on my desk in the background.

Left - Skateboard girl Endless Moves doll. (Calling her Theresa)
Centre - Orange-top  Endless Moves doll. (Calling her Goldie)
Right - Katniss Everdeen (Hunger Games) doll. (Predictably, I'm calling her Kat)

I am besotted with Goldie. I think she's just the prettiest sculpt and face-screen I've seen for ages.   I'm um... going to make myself unpopular now, Bit I'm not a fan of the actual Barbie.  It's the smile. It makes her look like a ...bimbo.


And some of her friends have similar dumb smiles, which I just find... not for me.  So when I buy a Barbie doll, I look for exactly the right kind of face.  And Goldie is just... sigh.  I adore her.   So I made her a quick dress.  It looks lovely on her, but needs a couple of small tweaks, which I'll work on.

As for the Made to Move and Endless Moves dolls, I'm so taken with them.  They're fabulous, especially considering these are playline dolls.  If you find the right pair of boots, they stand beautifully.   The would stand okay in bare feet, but the ankle joints are a wee bit loose, so that's the only problem, but boots are definitely the way to go.

This is a bit blurred, but she's fun to pose. I have no idea what boots these are. I don't even think they're Barbie boots... I wonder if anyone can tell me?

I took a few shot of Goldie. I love the other two, especially Kat's high-cheekbones sculpt, but Goldie's the girl of the moment.  The re-root turned out well too.  A lovely buttery blonde, which I blended myself from white and a yellowy-blonde saran.

So sweet!

I have a few shelves full of 12" dolls, who need clothes and hair, and god-knows-what.  So I'm slowly working my way through them.  Will try to post something new each weekend.

During the week though, it's back to work.  I'm making a couple of Patience outfits, and I may indulge myself with something for Evangeline.  After that little list, I'll be working on a new pattern for Kaye Wiggs girls.


Sunday, 12 March 2017

Finished the fun stuff.

What? Two posts in one day??


But I had to show pics of the two re-roots I've done today.

On the left is the Audrey Hepburn Barbie, with new shiny locks.  Four colours were used for this. a two-tone brown, and darker two-tone brunette to add lowlights.  I love her face so much... she actually reminds me of Elizabeth Mitchell. Over whom I have an enormous crush.  Elizabeth has the most amazing face. She manages to be sort of quirky too.   Love her.

Not nearly as much as I love him...

Erm. *Blushes* Lets get back to the point....

Here are the girls.

The beauty on the right is a Nu-Face Colette by Integrity toys.  She came with the most awful factory hair, which I'd cut... and made twice as bad. So for a long time I've wanted to give her a - not an afro as such - but the sort of style you see here.   The auburn streaks are actually her original hair. It was sparsely rooted, so I managed to find some curly jet black hair, and proceeded to fill all the gaps in her scalp with it.

It's thickened out her hair perfectly.  After a nice short(ish) crop, she looks fabulous.

I'm hoping they will both be appearing in nice clothing. Soon.

Next weekend possibly, but I have a Katniss Everdeen I want to re-root too, so I may end up doing her instead.


Sundays are for fun stuff.

I'm getting better at taking weekends off.  As I tend to be a workaholic when it comes to dolls and sewing, it's more like a busmans holiday, but at least I can spend time on my own dolls.  I love my collection of 12"  dollies, and have plenty of them that need re-roots and something to wear.

This one is the Audrey Hepburn Barbie. I absolutely love her face, but her hair was not only a bit crap (it is a playline doll after all) but Mattel do insist on filing their doll's heads with that disgusting sticky stuff that leaches out over time.  Hence I try to reroot all my Mattel dolls.

Barbie Audrey Hepburn re-root

 I'm not very good with styling hair, once I've rerooted it, but I do like silky long styles with either a centre or side parting, so I'm using a two-tone brownish saran hair for this girl.

She'll get something pretty to wear too... eventually!


Saturday, 11 March 2017

Three very special OOAK outfits for Ellowyne.

My Internet silence for a week or so has been due to working on these three very lovely Ellowyne outfits. Having thrown all sorts of trimmings and jewellery at them, I've even found a new way to make lovely boots for dolls with high-heeled feet. Not so sure I can make it work on flat-feet dolls, but at some point I will try.

Anyway, I've been gazing at these boots for some time now, sitting on my workdesk looking UBER FABULOUS. If I was twenty years younger - and didn't have painful spine issues - I'd wear these, for sure.

It's tricksy to see the detailing on the black pair, so here are the two other pairs I made.  Rusty/pumpkinny coloured, and dusky pink.

Each pair takes a good 5 to 6 hours of making, but so very worth it.   My dolls even stand up in them... although when the clothing is added, the weight of skirts, etc, do make the doll a bit unstable.  But it's good for taking photos without a stand.

On with the outfits.

First up is "Raspberry Smoothie".  A lovely Fifties silhouette with lots of extras.  The dress is from SSP-046, the two dresses pattern for Ell and her mates.   The dresses i made whilst developing that pattern are so lovely, they deserve to be incorporated into special ensembles.

Raspberry smoothie: £140.00 (Link takes you to Etsy)

OOAK Outfit for Ellowyne

I've thrown in the kitchen sink with this outfit.  Bolero, gloves, hat, jewellery, and of course, the boots.  (I will not cease raving about these boots.  I'd have died for a similar pair when I was younger.)

I love this on Lizette. She's such a classy lady.

OOAK Outfit for Ellowyne

Next up is "Spiced Apricot" which looks amazing on my Cinnamon and Marigold Ellowyne doll.   She needs a name, but Marigold seems to have stuck.

Spiced Apricot: £130.00 (Link takes you to Etsy)

OOAK Outfit for Ellowyne

The rust coloured bolero and hat really spices up this apricot dress, and the little hand-crocheted flowers really add a pop of colour. The flowers are actually made by myself, in my own hand-dyed cotton yarn.

And of course the boots. Okay, I'll shut up about them now.

And this one is actually my favourite.  I think it's the seventies style, the bakersboy bonnet, and the beautiful crinkle viscose in the dress.   This dress is the one I made first, to develop the bodice for the previous two dresses for SSP-046.  It went right first time, so I had to use it in an outfit.

Seventies Flavoured: (£130.00) (Link takes you to Etsy)

This is one of the nicest wigs Wilde ever came out with, for Ell.  It looks fab on Pris, to whom it technically belongs.

I like the black - although it's difficult to see the detail in the photos. I often have this problem photographing blacks.

And again, I've crocheted the flowers with my hand-dyed yarns.

Do that's what I've been up to.   My Etsy store is looking a bit depleted in the ready-made outfits section, so I',m spending some time making a few pretty things to list in my store.  Something for Patience next, I think, and then I'll create something new for my Kaye Wiggs girls, which means a new pattern is in the offing.

In other news, I've actually been through all my fabric stash, and my storage boxes. I've tidied them all up, organised everything, and my room is now immaculate. I do need to sort through a few things more, to really get rid of all my clutter.   I now have empty boxes and almost a whole empty drawer.

Thus creating room for more fabric.

I'm kidding.


A bit.

But at least my patterns are organised and archived, and everything is a bit more conducive to running an organised little micro-business.  But I do keep looking at Ebay and all those mouthwatering fabrics....

Must... behave.....