Sunday, 12 March 2017

Finished the fun stuff.

What? Two posts in one day??


But I had to show pics of the two re-roots I've done today.

On the left is the Audrey Hepburn Barbie, with new shiny locks.  Four colours were used for this. a two-tone brown, and darker two-tone brunette to add lowlights.  I love her face so much... she actually reminds me of Elizabeth Mitchell. Over whom I have an enormous crush.  Elizabeth has the most amazing face. She manages to be sort of quirky too.   Love her.

Not nearly as much as I love him...

Erm. *Blushes* Lets get back to the point....

Here are the girls.

The beauty on the right is a Nu-Face Colette by Integrity toys.  She came with the most awful factory hair, which I'd cut... and made twice as bad. So for a long time I've wanted to give her a - not an afro as such - but the sort of style you see here.   The auburn streaks are actually her original hair. It was sparsely rooted, so I managed to find some curly jet black hair, and proceeded to fill all the gaps in her scalp with it.

It's thickened out her hair perfectly.  After a nice short(ish) crop, she looks fabulous.

I'm hoping they will both be appearing in nice clothing. Soon.

Next weekend possibly, but I have a Katniss Everdeen I want to re-root too, so I may end up doing her instead.



  1. Fab reroots! I particularly like the shorter one. Lots of people seem to find it relaxing which I always think strange because rerooting is one of my pet hates. I love taking hair off but it never gets put back so I have all these baldies lolling about....eeps!

    1. I love short hair on dolls. :) I may get some more of that curly saran, if I can find some. It works best with curly hair as it seems to fill the doll's scalp better. Poor baldies! I just find it nice and relaxing, but if I do it too often, it become a fiddle and a bit of a chore.

  2. Great reroots - how do you do them so quickly - it takes me forever!!

    1. I use the tension method, as opposed to threading the plugs through and knotting? You literally poke the plugs into the scalp with a reroot tool and the tension of the doll's head holds the hair in place. It's a lot quicker!


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