Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Handmade outfits for Patience Wilde.

Sometimes it's nice to just sit and sew, without having to stop after every seam, to take photos!  I took a break from the sewing patterns in order to make these three adorable little outfits for Patience.

First up is a traditional girlie outfit.  Old fashioned dress, pinny and hair bow.  I'm loving these fabrics, and that broderie anglaise trim.

Link: £40.00 at Etsy:

And as I love bloomers so very much, AND purple,  this one has both.  This wig is one I bought for my lilac Layla, and is totes not for sale.

Link: £35.00 at Etsy:

And to finish, something very sweet and girlie in pinks and blues.

Link: £35.00 at Etsy:

I'm not sure where to go next. There is a knitting pattern in development. Then, I do have a yearning for an Evangeline outfit, but I'd also like to make something for my Kaye Wiggs girls.   This means a new pattern, and I'm thinking it will be something like the second two outfits in this post.  I think Layla and Gracie would look so cute in these .

And of course that first one with the pinny.... that would look adorbs on the KW girls too...

Decisions, decisions.



  1. Three gorgeous outfits but no guesses for which one I love best!! Purple... I'm loving that wig on Patience...I'd say I want it but I think I might already have one just like that lol!!.....I love the stripes with the plain... very lovely!! I really need to get on and make something like this for my girlies..but first the spring outfits they are so patiently (not) waiting for.....

  2. I thought you might ;) Yes, I got a few purplish wigs for my lilac Kay Wiggs doll, and they look lovely on Patience!

    lol, I find it ironic that they're called 'Patience'.


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