Sunday, 19 March 2017

Made to Move Barbie.

This weekends shenanigans were lots of fun.   On Saturday, I re-rooted a Katniss Everdeen doll, during which time, the blonde Barbie arrived in the post. So I did her too.  Two re-roots in one day! Go me.

Then today (Sunday) The skateboarder girl arrived.  It's such a novelty getting post on a Sunday. Thanks Amazon.   However skateboard girl had such lovely hair - and none of that disgusting Mattel glue (yay) so I just smoothed her hair a bit with a dip in some just-boiled water.

They all look lovely now, if you'll pardon the carnage on my desk in the background.

Left - Skateboard girl Endless Moves doll. (Calling her Theresa)
Centre - Orange-top  Endless Moves doll. (Calling her Goldie)
Right - Katniss Everdeen (Hunger Games) doll. (Predictably, I'm calling her Kat)

I am besotted with Goldie. I think she's just the prettiest sculpt and face-screen I've seen for ages.   I'm um... going to make myself unpopular now, Bit I'm not a fan of the actual Barbie.  It's the smile. It makes her look like a ...bimbo.


And some of her friends have similar dumb smiles, which I just find... not for me.  So when I buy a Barbie doll, I look for exactly the right kind of face.  And Goldie is just... sigh.  I adore her.   So I made her a quick dress.  It looks lovely on her, but needs a couple of small tweaks, which I'll work on.

As for the Made to Move and Endless Moves dolls, I'm so taken with them.  They're fabulous, especially considering these are playline dolls.  If you find the right pair of boots, they stand beautifully.   The would stand okay in bare feet, but the ankle joints are a wee bit loose, so that's the only problem, but boots are definitely the way to go.

This is a bit blurred, but she's fun to pose. I have no idea what boots these are. I don't even think they're Barbie boots... I wonder if anyone can tell me?

I took a few shot of Goldie. I love the other two, especially Kat's high-cheekbones sculpt, but Goldie's the girl of the moment.  The re-root turned out well too.  A lovely buttery blonde, which I blended myself from white and a yellowy-blonde saran.

So sweet!

I have a few shelves full of 12" dolls, who need clothes and hair, and god-knows-what.  So I'm slowly working my way through them.  Will try to post something new each weekend.

During the week though, it's back to work.  I'm making a couple of Patience outfits, and I may indulge myself with something for Evangeline.  After that little list, I'll be working on a new pattern for Kaye Wiggs girls.



  1. Sssh... I'm not a Barbie fan either! I do like Goldie though she's very pretty - great reroot - love the colours!They make a great trio!

    1. Yeah, some of the sculpts are so beautiful, but Barbie herself could be so much nicer. I need to put these away now, for the week and do some actual work!

  2. Oh now these look fun, I wouldn't have known they were Barbies - way less vaccuous, lol. Does Katniss have as much poseability as the skateboard gal?

    1. Hee, yes. They're such pretty girls. Katniss doesn't have the poseability, no. She's got bending knees and elbows, which is okay for me, I like a bit of movement, but the made to Move girls are super poseable. As good as the Obitsu bodies, or action figures any day! their ankles are jointed too, and you can just about get them to stand in bare feet, but the ankle joints aren't quite tight enough for them to stay upright.


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