Sunday, 26 March 2017

Weekend Playtime

I've bought a few new 12" dolls lately, and am steadily working my way through them, sorting out all the bad hair, and making the okay hair nice and glossy.

This one is a Mattel Black Label Tris doll, from Insurgent.  I have no idea what Insurgent or Divergent are, but I'm loving the pretty Tris sculpts.   Her hair wasn't great from the box, it was full of some weird flaky gel stuff, but I gave it a wash, and then trimmed it right back to give it that boyish shape she's supposed to have.  I was going to re-root her, but I love short hair on girls, so I'm not sure.

I may give her a short re-root, something like the Nu-Face Imogen London Mist doll below.  I've seen lots of pics of this doll with styled hair.  I've stopped buying Nu Face dolls, as I invariably don't like the hair (I'm so picky) and their heads are so gods-awful hard.  It's a pain re-rooting them.  Imogen is fabulous.   I have one, which I did in fact re-root, but broke so many re-root tools, I don't want to do any more.

Next these three.

Left:  This is a Barbie Friend, Fashionista. One of the new tall bodies. She has no waist which is a bit odd, just because a girl is tall doesn't mean she hasn't got a waist, but there we go.  She's this doll below,  I've called her Summer.  The fringe (bangs, if you're American) look good in the publicity pics, but from the box it was rigid with gel and too wide.  So I stripped out the front section and gave her a glossy new partial re-root.

Middle: This is a Disney Store Snow White Classic doll.  I just find the Snow White sculpt so darned pretty.  Her hair was cardboard too, and I'm not sure what type of hair it was, but her curls wouldn't relax even after a boil perm/straighten, so that all had to go and I gave her long straight almost-black locks.

I think I'll give her a flower-child look.  Something in Snow white's traditional colours maybe, or a complete revamp.   The Disney Princess heads are about the same size as My Scene barbies.   I'm in love with the sweet sculpt, and am tempted to get more, and give them different colour hair.  I wish the My Scene girls were this pretty.

Her hair is still wet here, so doesn't look as sleek and shiny as it should.

Right: Lastly, another Fashionista.  I think she's called Joyce.  I bought her because her picture looked different from her actual face. I'm not fond of the Barbie-type dolls with toothy smiles. They look a bit vacuous, so I'm not sure if I'll keep her.  But just for good measure, I used hot water to make her frizzy curls nice and soft and shiny.

She does however, have dimples. Which I sorta like.  It's just that she reminds me of regular barbie a bit too much.

I realise now, I thought it was this doll,  but I bought the wrong one.

I may take tomorrow (Monday) off to make some quick frocks for them, seeing as Friday was meant to be a day off, but I spent it filling in forms and doing stressful lifey stuff.  But then, I'm making some cute things for Patience, so it doesn't really feel like work at the moment.



  1. I like Tris and Snow White! Insurgent is part 2 of the Divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth - I have part 1 Divergent on my Kindle but couldn't get into it - they made films of it as well! Not sure I like the Barbie with no waist either!! Talking of cute outfits for Patience I just finished something for Mimi Patience - she looks so cute but we can't do pics until her sisters get something down five more to go lol!!

    1. I assumed they were movies, didn't realise they were books too. Some of the Black Label Barbies are just lovely for the scuplts. :)

      Oh my gosh! Your girls are so demanding.


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