Saturday, 29 April 2017

"Aqua Splash" Outfit for Kaye Wiggs Resin Dolls.

Another one down, four to go.

This is another of the outfits I made whilst developing the recent pattern (SSP-047.)   I'm a fan of monochrome, but I thought this one needed an accent colour.  I've used a lot of pink and lilac recently, so I went for aqua, which I love. It's so fresh-looking and pretty.

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Again, I had to make a knit, so I've used a fine 2 ply fluffy yarn in kid mohair and silk.  It's lovely to knot with, but working in black mohair is just...  not such a great idea if you have questionable eyesight.

I finished it though, without any mistakes!  But I've put the ball away and will avoid using it again if I can.

Any old hoo,  The ensemble was created from SSP-047 using the MSD bodice, but the dress, petticoats and bloomers have all been fitted to my 43cm girl too.

Here it is on Layla.  (I do love Layla, and she's so cute, but I'm never happy with the pictures I take of her.)

The outfit looks fab though,  I'm very pleased with it.  Lots of layers, and very girly.  

I carefully hand-tinted the underskirt layer, and the brim of the bonnet with fabric dye.  I wet the fabric first, so it bled in nicely, and used a pale wash of dye, rather than pure colour, as it would have come out too dark, and less is more in this case.  I do love uneven dyes when I'm colouring fabric.  You get more subtleties of colour variation, and it really adds to the shabby chic effect.

Again these shoes were such fun to make.  I'm getting a little faster at it now too.   Maybe I'll make some embroidered ones.  I have a pile of ideas for shoes, it's just a case of finding time to create new shapes for them.

The bonnet is the one from SSP-023, the Regency outfit for Patience.  It fits both Layla's head, and Gracie's.  It's obviously a little looser on Layla, but it does accommodate her elf ears nicely. They can be tucked inside the bonnet, or the bonnet can sit back so the ears peek out, and look just as nice.

And of course Gracie looks adorable in it too.

I taught myself to make these little ribbon flowers by googling for tutorials, and I've added glass pearl beads to the centres.

The belt is black satin ribbon overlaid with aqua satin ribbon.  I hand stitched the aqua to the black as neatly as I possibly could.  The stitches are tiny.

It's hard to say which is my favourite part of this ensemble.   I love the shoes, of course, but the cardigan knitted up so beautifully, and fits so nicely. Plus it's a bit cold today and I'd quite like one for myself.

So. yes, I have two more outfits from SSP-047 to go now, and a dress with sweater and beret to add lovely accessories to... and a beret and sweater that needs a frock and some bloomers.

After that, I'm kind of dying to make a crinoline for Evangeline.  I'm treating that as my reward for getting through all these KW projects!



  1. Gorgeous.... love the aqua tint with the monochrome - it works really well! Yes dark coloured mohair yarn is never easy to work with especially if you make a mistake - well any colour mohair is a pain if you make a mistake!! A crinoline for Evie sounds fab. I'm making a trio of dresses and cardis for my Feeling Drained Ells... one dress down and two more bodices almost made.... same bodice different know how I like to mix and match the patterns....

    1. Thanks Trish <3 I do like a splash of colour.

      I think between us, we could sew and knit for Britain! lol. I do love the way you mix, match and alter the patterns. It's always lovely to see what you've conjured up!


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