Saturday, 22 April 2017

KP_004: Raglan sweater pattern for Kaye Wiggs dolls.

It took a lot of knitting, unpicking and more knitting to get this pattern right, but I've done it. So here it is.

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The Sweater can simply be turned back to front to be worn as a cardigan. It is designed this way.  

It fits both the MSD and the shorter Mei Mei body, and may fit other MSD sized dolls too. It's a little longer on the Mei Mei, but looks equally adorable.   At the end of the pattern is a small section on styling your garments, with a few ideas on how to shorten or lengthen,  or try variations, once you're familiar with the pattern.
I don't just throw a few written instructions onto a page and hope for the best. I endeavour to add helpful information and guide people through these projects as much as possible.  An expert/intermediate knitter will sail through the project, and hopefully a beginner shouldn't find it too daunting.

The beret has a stretchy welt, that will fit Layla's head, and  will also fit nicely on Gracie's larger head.

This pattern uses-

1 ball of Berocco Comfort Sock 3 ply yarn will make hat and sweater with plenty to spare. This yarn is nice and soft. I've bought a few balls of it, and love using it. 

Pair US size 00. UK size 15 (Metric 1.75mm)
Pair US size 1. UK size 13 (Metric 2.25mm)

Pair US size 00. UK size 15 (Metric 1.75mm)
Pair US size 2. UK size 12 (Metric 2,75mm)

Next, I'm currently finalising a charming new sewing pattern for both these doll sizes.  So watch this blog :)



  1. I'm loving that hat and the yarn is pretty lovely as well!! Back to making dresses for Ell... and some fancy crochet for the Paola Reina dolls... and I might have bought far too much crochet yarn... not that I was ever going to run short !!!

    1. It's lovely and soft for sock yarn.

      Well.... you never know if there's going to be a blizzard or something and you won't be able to buy supplies. ;)

    2. LOL!! I think there could be an ice age and I still wouldn't run out of yarn!!!

    3. This is a good thing, lol!


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