Wednesday, 26 April 2017

"Spring Sorbet" Outfit with shoes for Kaye Wiggs dolls.

Having made four outfits for the recent sewing pattern, I'm now enjoying the process of adding accessories and fripperies to these little sets.  And this first one is mouthwatering.

Here in my Etsy shop:

£130.00 plus shipping.

The whole look for this one was very pink, and because I made so many petticoats, and added one to this ensemble, it was screaming PINK rather a lot.  Being a fan of pinks and greens - which remind me of flowerbeds and gardens, I added some pretty spring greens to the look.  Complimentary colours often make each other pop a bit (in this case red and green)  and it looked a lot more lively.

Then, I made up a little cardigan in some gorgeous yarn I have, Katia Jaipur. I wasn't sure if it would work, but the sorbet colours are so scrummy, I couldn't stop knitting.

Fortunately, when I added it to the overall look... it really made the whole outfit sing.

The shoes are a result of my playing with silicone molds and plaster casting, to make shoe lasts.  And the lasts I made are worth their weight in gold.  Luckily, my first prototype shoe went perfectly, so I embarked upon a proper pair for the girls.

MSD feet are the tiniest bit bigger than the Mei Mei feet, but the shoes fit both dolls perfectly.

I may try some of these in real kid leather some time.  I made an attempt using Ultrasuede, but it's a little bit springy and tricksy to work with.  I'm nervous about using kid leather because I have a limited stash, and my old supplier went out of business, so I'm a bit precious over how much I use.

So, felt it was.  I adore felt. It's the single most underrated craft fabric of all time.  Some people think its cheap and nasty, but good felt with 30 or 40 percent wool is quite dear, and I find it very good quality.

It's also a dream to sew and manipulate, and shape into shoes.   So, what I've done wit mine, is use the raccoon mystery process to coat the felt.  This makes it feel leathery, and the coating smooths down the surface, so the felt won't fluff up or pill with age. This is my secret process, so don't ask me to share.  I do need to keep one or two trade secrets!

The soles are kid leather, and the insoles are lined with ivory cotton jersey.   I'm a fan of elastic, and didn't realise you could get 3mm doll sized elastic in lots of colours.  After my usual perusing of Ebay, I was pleased to find some very pretty elastic, and have ordered many colours!

The shoes have little wads of stuffing poked into the toes to give them a nice shape.  The doll's feet fit perfectly with this stuffing.  Its a neat little tip to keep softer dolly shoes in shape.

As for the rest of the outfit, I added a pretty crochet flower to a tiny 1" crocodile clip, which is easy to put onto a wig.   And a detachable satin belt.

Whoever buys the outfit will be sent two satin belts, one is slightly longer and fits the MSD body, the other one is for the Mei Mei,

And while I made this outfit using Gracie as my model,  I fitted it to Layla, my MSD too.  That petticoat peeks out from under the dress a little further on the MSD, due to the shape of her body and where the waistband sits.

The waistbands are fitted with extra snaps, so they will fit both the doll's waists. (A is the Mei Mei snap, B is the MSD snap.)

And here are all the layers.   There's a lot in this outfit!

So that's outfit one.  I have three to go, plus one and a half more that I'm making to match some of the knitwear I seem to have produced.   I do love doing some knitting in my evenings, to give me a break from the sewing, but it's addictive - and I keep making lovely little sweaters, hats and cardis that need dresses to match.

No rest for the morally ambiguous.



  1. Totally agree about felt - you can do so much with it. Nice to see the Katia Jaipur - I have some in pastel shades that I was going to crochet with ... might knit with it as well now! Totally agree about knitting in the evenings...I find it very calming after a day at work! I'm currently tweaking a top down cardi pattern of mine to make it work with 3ply yarn - I've also been mixing and matching your patterns again... one of the Ells has a new dress to show off once she get's a cardi to go with!! Oh yes almost forgot... Gracie looks adorbs in that outfit!! It looks lovely on Layla as well (don't want her feeling left out!)

    1. It's fab. The wool mix stuff I have is blended with viscose too, which is a lovely fibre for shaping and gluing. The Jaipur is gorgeous isn't it! I'm in love with it, and probably need to buy more...

      The top down pattern sounds nice! My next knitting pattern will be oe of those for Ell, I think. She needs a raglan. I'm hoping you'll post more piccies on Flickr!

      Haha! The girls thank you, but they're both sad because the outfit has already sold. I'm happy though, the customer is a lovely lady and one of my regulars, so it's going to a good home. And I cover my rent. So it's all good.

    2. Not sure why the original post double posted!!! Oh yes there will be pics on Flickr and I'll be brave and post it in your group on Facebook now I know it's not hard!!! I like top down and doing sleeves on dpns -and no seams to sew... yes I'm lazy!! I did try your Ell knit pattern but despite doing a tension square once I'd finished it I wasn't happy with the fit... I think I need to go up a needle size! The pattern is nice and easy to follow though. Hurrah on the sale.... poor Gracie and Layla.. they never get to keep the clothes very long lol.. but needs must when it comes to rent!

    3. Blogger does these mad things at times. I've baleeted it now. Oh yes, do be brave in my group, it's lovely when people post things there. :) I love the no seams thing, but I suck with dpns, so I knot flat but only have the sleeve seams to sew, which is good enough for me. Oh, that's weird with the Ell pattern. I did design them to be a snug fit, and my own knitting tension does tend to be loose.

      I'm sooooo tempted by a 14" KW at the moment.


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