Saturday, 27 May 2017

Body parts stashed around my room...

I am the Bay Harbour Butcher.  (I wonder how many dolly people will get that one.)

Because I like  to do something fun at the weekends, and because I love dolls, I decided to have a go at making my own.  And cloth dolls seemed the thing to do, because I'm a far better sewist than I am a sculptor.

So far, all I have are these bits of body, and several practice heads.  Some of which went a bit awry, but today I'm going to try and assemble them into recognisable dollies.

I may let you know how I get on.   If it's a roaring success I like to post pictures, but dismal failures are usually swept under the carpet and I move on.   I can't decide if I like making cloth dolls from woven fabrics, or if I'd rather try using a stretchy jersey and use Waldorf doll construction techniques. Which are different again.  I'm not that crazy about Waldorf dolls, but the way they're made fascinates me.

Loving that red striped fabric, kindly given to me by my housemate, who's also a textile artist and has the most amazing stash.



  1. A natural progression methinks !! Have you seen the dolls Made by Agah makes? I love their style. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!! Jenny

    1. I've just googled them! Lovely. I do like the fashions too. I quite like dolls with just eyes, or no features at all. There's something quite whimsical about them.

  2. Bay Harbour Butcher, I love it, Tess! Totally a "Dexter" fan here, and I love your new cloth dolly. I am convinced there is nothing in the doll world you cannot make.

    1. Hee! Love Dexter. :) Well, I can't make a pie to save my life.. ;)


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