Sunday, 28 May 2017

Cloth dolly.

First I want to stress that this girl is not my own design.  I got the pattern for her from NilaDolss on Etsy.   She makes lovely patterns and cloth dolls, and I've really enjoyed her pattern.   I've also bought a pattern from MadebyMiculinko, also on Etsy, which is fabulously detailed, and her work is just as lovely.

I posted my doll's body parts yesterday, and once I'd assembled her, she looked like this...

I have added bits of red lace to the stocking tops, sleeve cuffs and top of the bodice.

You can see vanishing ink at the seams on her legs, but that will all disappear.

It's a new challenge making a cloth doll.   I found at first all my seams wrinkled. The secret to avoiding that is to really stuff the pieces very tightly.

Now I've added hair, and made a sort of tutu skirt,  she looks so cute.   The eyes are just pins I've stuck in temporarily,  I need to figure out what I want the face to look like. I may leave is blank, or just have eyes, like Tilda dolls.

When I used to paint and draw in the past, I've always liked to leave faces blank. It sort of feels whimsical and mysterious.   I may leave this face blank in the end.  

So that's me for this weekend.  Now I'm mostly just pottering around pretending to tidy things...



  1. Very cute... I love that striped fabric! I've been pretending to tidy for years.......

    1. Haha! I'm sure we're both experts in pretend tidying. Put a couple of reels of cotton into a drawer, then pick up pretty fabric and start playing with it.... ;)

  2. Aw she's lovely!! cant wait to see where this is going...Jenny

    1. Thanks Jenny! Heh, I'm not quite sure where it's going yet. It might just be a weekend fun thing, but I'd quite like to produce my own cloth doll pattern.


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