Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Handmade outfits for Kaye Wiggs dolls

I seem to have built up several items of clothing for KW girls lately, due to the productivity with the sewing and knitting patterns. So I've added a few bits and pieces and they're up for grabs in my Etsy store, in the handmade doll fashions section.

Raccoon's Rags at Etsy:

First off is the little pink and grey outfit I made for SSP-047.   I've devised a new hat and cardigan, which needs work, but could be a new knitting pattern at some stage.

I added bead trim to the hat, and a little pink elastic.

Gracie looks so lovely in this, it's a bit of a wrench to sell it, but if I don't sell my outfits, they just end up filling drawers and boxes, and never getting properly loved.


With extra snaps on the waistbands of the petticoat (unseen) and bloomers, it fits the MSD body too.  
I do like my Lilac Layla in greys.

Next is the shift dress I made during the production of SSP-048.   I had fun with the embroidery on the chest, and want to do loads of embroidered items now.

I added some pretty leggings, and a very cute hat.   It sits well behind Layla's elf ears, or is large enough to cover them.


I was careful to make sure the hat fits the larger Gracie head too, as I know she's a popular sculpt.  (I think Missy has quite a large head too? But I'm not dead certain of that.)

I love this hat, and want one.  Maybe I should make human sized hats too.   The crochet flower is newly-learned.  You can find anything on t'internet.  I added blue beads to the centre to tie it in. Clicking on these photos should show you larger more detailed pictures.

Bringing  up the rear is a lovely outfit I've had for a while.  It's been in my stock box dying to come out into the limelight.  the yarn is Berocco Comfort Sock 3ply, and the colours are just gorgeous.   The russet of the Italian crinkle viscose dress teams with it perfectly.


Again, these fit both MSD and Mei Mei.  the tam style beret fits my Layla head as well as the larger Gracie head too.

Okay, so I keep promising something for Ell, but the blue hat gave me an idea for a KW mini-pattern, so I may just do that first....

I should never really complain of having too much inspiration. But.



  1. I love Gracie in hats!! I like the hat with the crochet flower - very nice and I'd go for a human sized one!! I'm sure Ell can wait a bit longer.... all things come to those that wait...

    1. Hats are fab. I'm enjoying making them more and more. The Ells re grumbling and asking why they can't have hats, because Patience can at least share Gracie's.


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