Friday, 19 May 2017

SSP-048: Ruffle Dress & Jacket for Kaye Wiggs dolls.

A rainbow of ruffles!

I've had some custom printed fabric in rainbow shades for a while now, and they were ideal for this little outfit for the Kaye Wiggs MSD and Mei Mei dolls.

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The dress is a simple shift dress and is not fitted as tightly or exactly to the doll's body as my usual bodices.  It should go over a leotard quite well as it's designed to be slightly loose fit and quite straight.

It looks lovely on both dolls bodies, the MSD (18" or 45cm)  and teh mei Me (17" or 43cm)  but of course will be a bit longer on the shorter Mei Mei body.

With the addition of the jacket, you could use a while rainbow of fabrics, or just mix and match fabrics as you want.  

The dress and the jacket can have as many or as few ruffles as you wish.  I've provided a quick note on how to make the single ruffle dress, and once you're familiar with the pattern, it would be easy to have two ruffles or add lots of ruffles to the dress and the jacket.

You can also easily just hem the basic jacket and/or shift, to have no ruffles at all. 

Obviously you can throw as many embellishments at it as your heart desires.

I love both my girls in this, and the garments I've made while developing the pattern will be available to buy once I've added some fripperies.

That was a fun project, but I think definitely something for Evangeline, or poor neglected Ellowyne next.



  1. Lovely! I particularly like the dress with the embroidery! The fabric is also very lovely! Ah the poor neglected Ellowyne - I've a few of those lol!! I'm back crocheting for Ellowyne at the mo... I hear grumbles from the sofa... the Patience tribe are getting restless.. they think it must be their turn now!!! I've still got more dresses to show off... hoping to take pics this weekend!!

    1. I enjoyed that small bit of embroidery :) Yes, Ellowyne should have a new pattern. Looking forward to seeing your new pictures!

    2. Pics on Flickr.... there are quite a few :)


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