Saturday, 3 June 2017

Shoe lasts for dolls - and information on Jesmonite.

I've made some casts of my dolly's feet from my silicone moulds.

Jesmonite. People.  I say whenever you want to cast resin, use this stuff. It's water based, it's an eco-resin (for that reason) and it cleans up with a damp cloth.  It's so darned easy too.  Like mixing plaster of Paris.

It's like a very hard plaster, because you don't mix two liquids together (like you do with epoxy or polyester resin) but it's a liquid and a powder.  And it's meant to go crystal clear, but I've put white pigment in mine.  You can get lots of pigments, and also stone and metal powders, the same as for the traditional toxic resins.

(I used to cast jewellery in polyester resins.  I had no end of trouble with tackiness, and the clean-up process involves toxic chemicals such as acetone, so.  I do have some idea of what I'm talking about.  Fumes are an issue too, but Jesmonite has almost no smell and is classed as non-hazardous.  It's like a faint emulsion paint smell, and I've happily used it in the kitchen.)

The only drawback is that it seems to take a lot of time to completely harden up. So I'm not sure how suitable it would be for resin dolls, for example.  You'd just have to leave the pieces for a month, because I've got a couple of feet I've left for that time, and they're pretty damn solid.  I dropped one of my feet on the floor earlier though, and it broke. But it superglued back together just fine, and is okay for my particular needs.

That said, I'm using the A300 Jesmonite, which is slightly cheaper than the A100.  A300 is good for indoor use, while A100 is said to be suitable for outdoor stuff which needs to be tough and weatherproof.

I'm no expert at all, but anyone tries this stuff for small craft use and has questions, I'll do my best to answer.

Here are just some of my pieces. These are Evangeline feets.

Today I was planning to start making some Evangeline shoes, as it's my weekend and I like to do something other than sew dolly clothes.   But I woke up really late and have missed half the day.


We'll see how far I get.



  1. "Poopla", what a great word! Excellent feet there, too, you never cease to amaze me, Tess.

    1. Hee. It's something one of my housemates says. It is a good word. Thanks Stacey, it's fun making molds and casting, but a bit messy!


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