Friday, 2 June 2017

SSP-049: Mix'n'Match - A sewing pattern for Kaye Wiggs dolls.

A new pattern from Raccoon's Rags.  This is full of smaller projects, each of which can be whipped up in an an afternoon. .. even sewing by hand, I've found.

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The photos are self-explanatory, but to add a few points:  The piecework gloves and leggings can easily be shortened by leaving out the top one or two components, or lengthened by adding one or two strips.

Obviously, leggings and gloves can be worn to suit your dolly's mood.

The hat is a slouch beanie, but can be worn as a sort of cloche.  Layla's ears make it tricky to pull the hat right down, but it does look cute on the human dolls where the ears don't get in the way.

The tights for the MSD size are new and previously unpublished, and I decided to throw in the Mei Mei tights from SSP-043 as an added bonus.

The hat pieces give clear instructions for different head sizes.  I've based my measurements on Layla and Gracie, but for slightly different heads to these, the hats are very stretchy, so will be fine on most head sizes.  (Sizes over wigs are given in the instructions.)

As well as the shabby chic piecework gloves and leggings, here are the plain versions:

Gracie looks a bit shell-shocked.  Maybe she wasn't quite ready...

The tights themselves can easily be chopped short to make socks or tights.  It's a fun and versatile pattern, if you're making an outfit and just want that little extra something to compliment it.

So next, yes.  I really REALLY will make a pattern for Ellowyne.  I keep leaping around from one thing to another, and end up just settling on whatever catches my interest.



  1. Love that hat! I know all about moving from one thing to another... only trouble is I never seem to finish anything lol!!

    1. Thanks Trish! I'm fond of this hat too. Ha, I know that feeling, all these little unfinished projects tucked away in drawers!


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