Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Crochet fest for Ellowyne Wilde

Whee.  I've been on such a crochet buzz lately.  It makes a change from the sewing and I sort of needed a break.   I'm addicted, and have bought loads of new yarns, and have plans for su much crochet and knitting, I can't even.

But here's the initial collection.  The outfits start at £25.00 because I've wanted to offer something a little less expensive in my Etsy shop.  That is never easy with handmade items.

Available in my Etsy shop: (In the 'handmade doll fashions' section)

Besides the rain we're having here in South Wales today, summer 2017 has been hot and sunny and glorious.  So these little outfits reflect that.  I've called it the English Rose collection, and each outfit has a quintessentially English name.  It's been fun, and  I still have outfits on the go, so will be adding more.

The first eight look very glam on Ell and her pals.  So here they are.

The dresses are not simply tubes with skirts added, but are fitted to the doll's bust and waist.   I've used cottons and rayons for these. The rayon is gorgeous.  I keep raving about it, but there it is. Fabulous for doll scale. The cottons are equally lovely, and handle differently, but I'm loving htese raw materials.

"Camden Lock"   A fun and trendy part of London. Pru looks set for a good stroll along the canal to the fashionable market.

"Bayswater" A delight in peaches and lilac.

"Regents Park". A gentle stroll to feed the swans.

"Mayfair" A fashionable address for a select garden party.

"Kew Gardens"  A horticultural afternoon, followed by tea on the lawn.

 "Glastonbury"  A rainbow to wear in the VIP enclosure at the festival.

"Henley" Perfect for the regatta.

"Kensington"  because Amber insists on looking divine whilst visiting the museums.

I have my crochet stuff set up next to my sewing spot, so I only have to reach for it.  Which I do all the time. Lots.   I've got a couple of 1940's style outfits on the go at the moment, and after I've made some of those, I'll be devising a more 1920's look with cloche hats.

So off I go to watch a little Wimbledon.  I missed the Djokovic game this morning, and I'm very fond of Novak.  (Although I still hope Murray wipes the floor with him.  I'm so evil.)

Then more crochet.  I love yarns.  The colours I've spent ALL THIS MONEY ON are mouthwatering and irresistible.



  1. Just gorgeous! Love them all! Still plodding away on my beach blues collection. Nothing nicer than spending your dosh on scrummy yarn... I've still got two bags of the Scheepjes to play with.. and yes there is rather a lot of purple in there!!! Looking forward to your 20s style cloches!

    1. Thanks Trish! I love tham all, but I think Kew Gardens is my fave... and it's not even purple, lolz.

      Good luck on the beach blues collection. I'm itching to see it all.

      Ooh well, the rayon drape would be lovely for 20'style shapeless dresses, and as it's a vintage-y sort of yarn in general, I think it would look lovely. I had my first rayon sample from India today, it's nicer than I'd hoped!

    2. I still like Henley.. meant to say love the names. I'm glad you've found a rayon that you can work with that's always the downside of buying online you can't always try before you buy! Not quite beach blues but there are some pics of the crochet swimsuits I did for Ell on Flickr!

    3. I just liked the idea of very English names. As I make more, I'll probably throw in a few broader ones, After all we're Britain, not just England, and I do live in Wales!

      Yes, and rayon isn't cheap, so I take a risk every time I buy. I've been lucky so far! (Gonna look at those swimsuits now)

  2. These are fabulous Tess, such deceptively simple styling makes a big statement :) It's really hard to pick a favourite cos they're all so yummy! :)

    1. I love simple elegance, as much as frills and ruffles :D


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