Thursday, 6 July 2017

Crochet for Ellowyne Wilde

I don't do things by halves.

I think in a recent post, I said I was going to brush up on my crochet skills.   This usually  means sitting and creating a dress or something, and keeping at it until every last piece is perfect. Obsessive much?

You bet.

Hence ... I've made lots of these. The ones here on mah dollies are complete outfits, apart from Pru on the far right, who's wearing a dress I've laundered and have put on the doll to dry. Which is why the hat doesn't match.

Some of these yarns are rayon (The USA seem to call it Rayon, we Brits call it viscose) which is a natural fibre but is created by chemical means, so it's classed as semi-synthetic.   This does not mean it's a cheap material, like polyester. It's very much like silk and is very shiny, soft and slinky.  It has amazing drape, which is lovely in doll scale. 

When you've crocheted it up, it's sort of rough and a bit squeaky, but if you rinse it gently in warm water and a generous amount of fabric conditioner, it transforms once dried, into a soft, slithery and drapey fabric.   It's strange stuff. When wet, it seems to shrink (which made me panic) and is almost too tight to put on the doll, but once dried, it's soft and perfect. It behaves very much like silk, but if you're dying it, rayon dyes like cotton.

I have four or five sumptuous rayon crochet yarns I inherited from my dear mum, but as I only have a few, I've been looking into buying some more.

It's so hard to find!   Most of it is vintage stash that people are selling, but even on the vast world wide web, it's really difficult to find a supply.  I've found a couple of sellers and have ordered samples, and am excited to try them.  

Rayon yarn is not cheap, so the rayon dresses will be a little dearer, especially my precious vintage - and sadly finite - stash.

On top of that, I've bought a load of crochet cottons, and some of the dresses are made in these. They'll be a little less, as you can buy them reasonably inexpensively. I'm trying to devise outfits that I can offer for sale at less expensive prices than my hand-sewn items.   So far so good.  

When I go quiet, it's usually because I'm spending lots of time making. And this time it's crochet.   

Loving it, and it's been so hot that all I want to do is sit in front of my electric fan and crochet.   Watch this space.

Also Wimbledon is happening.  So yay for that.  :) Go Andy.



  1. Fab-u-lous! Love them all... I've been using Scheepjes Bonbon/SugarCane (25g/50g) which comes in lots of scrummy colours and just over two squid for 50g seems like a bargain to me!! I like the stitch you've used in the skirt - very pretty. You're making me want to crochet some pretty dresses but we must do some more beachwear first!! Crochet is very good when the tennis is on!!

    1. I got all my replies in the wrong place, but we'll ignore that. The Rico is nice, but sort of 'crisp'. you know how some cottons twist up as you crochet, this one twists a fair bit, but it's quite nice and thin. WW are great. They seem the cheapest too, and I've searched lots!

      I write things down as I crochet too, and can never read my notes back! So I know the feeling.

  2. Haha! Since you told me about Wool Warehouse, I've been shopping there. I've got a pile of Scheepjes Bonbon, and a little Sugar Rush, also some Rico essentials. It's a fab price! I love that site.

    I find it hard to find good stitches for skirts, so I tend to use the same one. And I'm not good enough to crochet and watch Wimbles, I keep missing some really good tennis, so I've had to put my crochet things aside.

    I'm so glad you like the dresses though! You've always been my crochet role model, lol.

    1. Aww thank you for saying that! I've got two bags full of Scheepjes Bonbon... I haven't tried the Rico Essentials yet! I love WW too and such good service. I've been trying to remake some of the dresses I made 4/5 years ago... only one problem I can't work out what my shorthand patterns mean lol!! I tend to stick to the same skirt patterns as well!


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